CODI Finance: A New Premium DeFi Ecosystem Worth Keeping Tabs On For 2022

CODI Finance- A New Premium DeFi Ecosystem Worth Keeping Tabs On For 2022

The year 2021 started with a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency space, with Bitcoin and Ethereum performing exceptionally well. Investors had returns of up to 30x on their initial investment, thereby making a lot of people interested in joining the cryptocurrency bandwagon with the hopes of making rapid money. This article is supposed to help potential investors find the next big thing for 2022 in the crypto world and it will provide valuable suggestions to help.

The first step before investing in any cryptocurrency is to research and read up on the coin in question. Some as you know are categorized as meme coins, others have real use cases, and some are scam coins that dump right after you invest in them. 

Introducing CODI Finance 

CODI is one of the few fascinating projects that provide genuine public benefits in a streamlined interface, faster blockchain, and the least gas fees.

CODI Finance, a new premium DeFi ecosystem with three offerings as IDO Launchpad Protocol, Decentralized Exchange, and NFT Marketplace.

The CODI Ecosystem aims to build a progressive sector that will afford community members new features such as operations and other integrations to help the ecosystem become a fully decentralized platform with faster and lower costs on the Solana ecosystem. 


This is why CODI partnered with Chainlink to monetize data by either selling to the Chainlink Network or operating a Chainlink Node to trade directly to blockchains. Since there are various blockchains and more to come in the future, Integrating all of them individually is time-consuming and has a high opportunity cost and developer time. Also, it is not future-proof. 

Chainlink is very important for evolving blockchain connections and with very high convenience which means there is no need to modify existing backend systems or business models to make themselves compatible with other blockchains. 

CODI will be a DEX platform where users can quickly transfer funds between wallets, exchange cryptocurrencies, stake, guarantee market liquidity, and completely manage the network’s capacities using the Solana blockchain. It provides superior safety, lightning-fast blockchain speeds, and low transaction fees, and is predicted to lead the way in a modern DeFi era.

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Possibly the most important part of investing in the economics behind the coin and investors should know that no matter how good the project is if the coin is not up to suitable investing standards then you won’t make any money whatsoever. CODI model is set up perfectly from an investment point of view, the reasoning behind this is quite simple which is why it was thoroughly explained.