Cimu Games Moves Its Runestone Keeper Games To Web3 Space With Ready Games Integration

Cimu Games Moves Its Runestone Keeper Games To Web3 Space With Ready Games Integration

Cimu Games, a gaming platform publishing high-quality games, has announced its partnership with Ready Games to use its Web3 game development tools to re-release its multi-million game, Runestone Keeper.

According to the Cimu Games team, a Web3-enabled beta version of the game is set to be launched in March of 2023 on PC, mobile, and console. This will be a first of its kind for Web3 gaming.

Popular for its Web2 mobile and console games, Cimu Games has over 20 years of development experience. The platform publishes high-quality games for the global market, focusing on top-tier games for both mid-core and hardcore games. The project has experience with AAA titles, indie, VR games, and other arrays of services. Cimu Games also assist publishers with their creative visions and ports console games to mobile platforms.

Runestone Keeper is a popular game that won the title of Bets Gameplay award at the 2014 Unity Award. The game also won SlideDb’s App of the Year in 2015. This was before its release to acclaim on Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation. The game will be fully released in the second quarter of 2023.

Cimu Games decided to use Ready’s multi-platform tech stack as it believes Web3 is the future of gaming. The team hopes this move will help them enter the growing Web3 market.


Commenting on the development, Josh Furr, the Marketing Director at Cimu Games, stated: 

“We are thrilled and honored to be a part of Ready’s family of like-minded web3 developers. Our goal is not only to bring Runestone Keeper to Ready but to reward players with valuable game assets and a variety of future games and titles.”

Ready Games is a collective gaming ecosystem that has created the ideal environment for games to evolve to Web3 and provide the best possible experience for the game community. So far, Ready’s Games’ Web3 platform is already being used by six games.

Christina Macedo, COO of Ready Games explains:

“Runestone Keeper, with its great history and community, is the ideal game for us to partner with to launch our web3 gaming development tools across multiple platforms. Together we can reach more gamers worldwide on PC, console, and mobile and further innovate and expand the web3 gaming experience.”