Cardano-based Starboundpad Announces Launch of Its IDO Launchpad, Commences $STAR Token Private Sale

Cardano-based Starboundpad Announces Launch of Its IDO Launchpad, Commences $STAR Token Private Sale

Starboundpad, a Cardano-based Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad and project accelerator designed to become the go-to place for cryptocurrency users looking to invest in crowdfunding events, is thrilled to announce the launch of its IDO Launchpad according to a recent press release.

Starboundpad has been designed to uniquely serve DeFi projects and users within the Cardano ecosystem in such a way that it will build on the shoulders of giants, leveraging several DeFi innovations to provide transparency, efficiency, and full decentralization. The launchpad is also aimed at allowing users to save on gas fees.

In a bid to identify and contact new companies with the highest upside potential within the Cardano Ecosystem once due diligence is performed, the platform will collaborate with start-up incubators and accelerator hubs while keeping an eye on its partner and community networks.

Starboundpad Kicks Off $STAR Private Sale on May 2nd

According to the announcement, the IDO Launchpad will follow the commencement of the $STAR Token Private Sale which has been scheduled to begin on Monday 2nd May 2022 by 12 am CET. $STAR is the native token of which is designed to allow holders to endorse any of the new projects that are live on their Launchpad.

With $STAR, users will be able to invest with Cardano (ADA), and in the future, additional coins like Ethereum (ETH) and BNB will be added, together with stablecoins. However, users who intend to participate in the private sale are encouraged to visit Starboundpad’s official website.


The development will offer enthusiasts the opportunity to become one of the early birds within the Cardano ecosystem as Starboundpad will provide them with full Cardano native token support. Per the announcement, Starboundpad is aimed at ensuring that users have access to the best projects at the earliest stage possible, allowing for higher potential rewards with access to seed and pre-sale investment rounds.

Furthermore, the IDO Launchpad is set to provide the Cardano ecosystem with a series of novelty features that will enhance both the project and community experience within the platform.

Among the exclusive functionalities, the launchpad will feature are project endorsements for users which will help them generate additional income, also private and public sale options to facilitate different crowdfunding stages. An automated fund distribution mechanism is not left out as it seeks to ensure that all parties involved can access the capital raised and tokens distributed instantaneously and in a transparent manner.