Cardano-based NFT Project EGO.COM Gaining Steam

Cardano-based NFT Project EGO.COM Gaining Steam
Advertisement has been holding a private sale from May 25, and it’s set to go until June 15. The private sale is facing a lot of success and has attracted many investors as they believe in the potential of the project. is a company using NFTs to shape the future of modern art.

It is a decentralized creative platform for artists and collectors in the Cardano ecosystem. uses NFT to transform any creation from jpeg to digital renascence. uses Plutus smart contracts to give creatives the base of engaging in the NFT marketplace, minting and staking NFTs, and participating in the NFT Launchpad Royalty Program.

Once the private sale is done, the public sale will be live on ADAX from June 16. partnered with ADAX, a Cardano-based exchange, to make this possible. That means priority will be given to ADAX stakers for 24 hours. The project is garnering the interests of both individual and institutional investors. The Bearish trends in the private sale indicate the public sale will also face a high interest.


EGO is a fully decentralized platform leveraging NFTs to help artists and creatives to help them make the most out of their assets. It will be based on the Cardano Blockchain and use the Plutus smart contracts.


Artists can take their creations to the next level by minting NFTs of their artwork. Collectors can also stake their Cardano-based NFTs for rewards. Investors will also be able to hedge against short-term price fluctuations.