Cardano-Based Cardalonia Announces Launch Of New Play-To-Earn Metaverse

Cardano-Based Cardalonia Announces Launch Of New Play-To-Earn Metaverse

Cardano-based metaverse platform, Cardalonia, is thrilled to announce its new blockchain-based play-to-earn project. A user-playable version of the game will be launched in late 2022, according to the platform’s roadmap.

Other than giving users an entertaining experience, the game will let players customize their virtual experiences, in addition to building and owning land on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardalonia also wishes to announce the launch of its Lonia token sale.

Of note, Cardalonia thrives on a medieval age theme, where players get to build, own and trade their gaming experiences on an easy and inexpensive platform.

To join the platform, players must first purchase the platform’s utility token, Lonia. Thereafter, they get to join a clan avatar after which they can purchase land on Cardalonia.


Interested parties have the opportunity to acquire Lonia tokens with the ongoing seed sale on the Lonia Token Sale Page. The sale will take place over three rounds, during which a total of 50 million tokens will be sold. 14 Lonia tokens currently sell at the price of 1 ADA. Participating in Cardalonia requires a minimum purchase of Lonia tokens worth 500 ADA, and a maximum purchase of 20,000 ADA. More information on how to purchase Lonia tokens is available on the official Cardalonia website.

According to Cardalonia tokenomics, the LONIA token has a total supply of 100 million units. Of the total, 50% is available to the public, while 20% is allocated to staking. The exchange rate for the Lonia token is 10 Lonia tokens for 1 ADA, slightly higher than the token sale rate.

Importantly, early investors will have the opportunity to stake in the metaverse project. Early Lunia token holders will also automatically appear in the whitelist for the Cardalonia land sale. Even more, token holders who stake their tokens to be eligible for the Cardalonia land sale will have the chance to win Playable Customized Cardalonia Avatars. The Lonia token has multiple other utilities across the platform.

In the upcoming months, Cardalonia has lined up a series of activities to keep users immersed in its 3D virtual reality metaverse. Creative digital concepts of a medieval time let users have fun while creating and exploring a virtual space.