Cardalonia’s Token Sale Session Now Running on the P2PB2B Exchange

Cardalonia's Token Sale Session Now Running on the P2PB2B Exchange

On the P2PB2B exchange, the Cardalonia token sale session has already begun.

Until September 5, you can purchase the tokens and sign up for the project’s community. The P2PB2B exchange will list the tokens after the token sale. Here is a summary of the project in the interim.

What is Cardalonia?

The metaverse is a play-to-earn system developed by creators for creators. Cardalonia aims to create a play-to-earn metaverse that is simple and affordable to play. The Cardano blockchain streamlines everything, enabling blockchain-based transactions, player NFT ownership verification for content admission, etc. Eventually, cross-chain capabilities, decentralised infrastructure, and frictionless blockchain integration will all be possible.

You must acquire your Cardalonia land through an airdrop or pre-sale before choosing a clan, creating digital assets as NFTs, and using them on your land. Users must create an avatar and sign up for a clan for Cardalonia to function. The primary utility token in Cardalonia, $LONIA, enables both cryptocurrency and non-crypto enthusiasts to purchase land and join clans.

What sets it apart?

Cardalonia’s in-game currency is $LONIA. It utilises Cardano and generates an entire Cardalonian ecosystem of experiences and games.
It is distinct from the majority of other Cardano tokens. Together with Cardano’s low transaction fees and typical transfer times of under 5 seconds, token utility has been taken into account and decided from the beginning.


There is much to love about $LONIA because it has so many essential mechanics that would make it an essential part of the Cardalonia ecosystem:

the ability to use the Cardalonia platform. You will need to pay $LONIA; governing by voting; for land, avatars, and in-game assets. holders of $LONIA may vote or designate other players to decide on the Cardalonia marketplace fees and features that should be added or removed;
Staking. You can earn passive rewards, 25% APR, and Cardalonia ORB by staking $LONIA. Cardalonia Orbs can be used to power up and customise your avatar.

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