CandyDex Offering Up To 15% Token Bonus For Ongoing IDO Sales

CandyDex Offering Up To 15% Token Bonus For Ongoing IDO Sales

Candydex, a unique decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports multiple networks is offering an extension to its ongoing Initial DEX Offering (IDO) which will now run until 4 p.m. EST, June 16, 2022.

According to the Candydex team, the extension was necessary following delays in their IDO sale that were caused by the current market fluctuations. Notably, Candydex has raised $ 5.5 million from its oversubscribed and successful pre-IDO sale as more investors join the project. 

For the first IDO sale round, Candydex is offering a special bonus to participants. On May 17, 2022, exciting users got a token bonus of 10% on their token purchase while new participants got 15%. 

CANDYDEX, the native token on the platform has a total supply of 500000000 with 80000000 already burnt as the initial move. The remaining tokens now form the circulating supply. In the ongoing first round IDO, the CANDYDEX token price was set at $0.1. This price mark has an upward trajectory rising to $0.5 in the second IDO round and $1 in the last ID sale round. This will set the listing price between $1 to $5. 

There are 100000000 CANDYDEX tokens offered for the first round. Users can use BNB, MATIC, AVAX, ETH, USDT, or FTM to make the CANDYDEX purchase. The token exchange rate goes for 1 BNB equivalent to 2942.40000 CANDYDEX with the minimum accepted transaction set at 0.16993 BNB. 


Already, Candydex has shown to be a powerful force in the market threatening to surpass previous projects such as Shiba Inu and Floki. Crypto wallet investors believe the CANDYDEX listing price has the potential to increase by 1000x to 3000x before the year of this year. The CANDYDEX is predicted to rise to highs of $32 in the next 8 months. 

So far, Candydex has gained a large following over the last 22 days surpassing 60k members in Telegram and over 115k account holders. The platform is working on building the world’s best DEX platform with a diverse ecosystem including offering financial services, swaps, and exchange. The project is backed by experienced experts from leading projects such as Uniswap, Convex Finance, and 

The Candydex team explains:

“We’re building a product ecosystem that will help humanity reach an advanced virtual economy, using the power of blockchain technology.”