Trendy crypto gaming platforms like Moshnake, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity offer Rewards

As the GameFi sector keeps growing, the competition keeps getting tougher. New cryptocurrencies in this crypto market space will have to offer more value and utility than existing ones before they can match up to the prominence and success level of top crypto assets in the space, like The Sandbox (SAND) and Axie Infinity (AXS). 

Moshnake is a new P2E cryptocurrency that hopes to offer more value than these existing altcoins with its retro-game approach and easy-to-play nature. We look into its features to determine if they’re enough to compete with The Sandbox and Axie Infinity. 

The Sandbox (SAND)

Most people refer to The Sandbox as the ‘best P2E (play-to-earn) NFTs game for creatives’. A title that’s now under threat by Moshnake’s presence in the crypto market. The Sandbox was initially an Ethereum-based platform, but the need to serve players better through increased speed and to reduce carbon footprints drastically as seen it switched to Polygon’s layer-two.

The Sandbox allows players to create their unique digital assets — arts, games, avatars, etc., and trade them on its marketplace in exchange for the SAND token, which powers the platform’s metaverse. It is used for transaction fees, governance tokens, mortgages, and other related utilities. 

The Blockchain-based gaming platform allows you to create your mini-game and charge people to play, while you can also play existing games to earn. This implies that you can be a player and creator in the ecosystem. It is one of the numerous features that has improved The Sandbox’s adoption and contributed to its prominence and success in the market. 


To make the most of The Sandbox, users can acquire LAND. It is regarded as the most valuable resource in the virtual world. It grants you exclusive access to content and wealth-generating benefits on the virtual platform. You can lease your land for income or build things to sell or mortgage on the platform. 

The Sandbox features make it a top P2E crypto asset, and it may take a while for Moshnake to catch up. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of the new cryptocurrency ever matching up.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a digital nation where you battle, collect, and earn’.  It boasts 2.8+ million daily active players, and about $3.6+ billion worth of trade has occurred in the platform’s in-house marketplace. These are indications of how big the virtual platform is. 

It allows players to partially own and operate its game while playing to earn AXS tokens and use them to decide the game’s future. Players can also build Axies and use them in the virtual gaming space for warfare or sell them for profit. Axies are the platform’s NFTs collection in the form of fierce creatures for battling, building, and hunting for treasures. 

Axie Infinity leverages the power of Blockchain technology to facilitate its functionalities and reward users for their engagement. It uses a side chain called Ronin, which reduces transaction fees for operations on the Ethereum Blockchain. Axie Infinity shares similarities to Pokémon. It is fun to play and offers users numerous incentives making it a top gaming asset. 

Moshnake (MSH/VEN)

Moshnake is a new play-to-earn NFT game equipped with the necessary features to succeed in the market. The new cryptocurrency will leverage the popularity and wide acceptance of the legendary classic snake game to gain acceptance and adoption seamlessly. The relative ease of playing the game and its availability to all age groups also gives Moshnake an advantage over conventional P2E games that require much learning and practice before playing. 

Moshnake developers have streamlined it for success by leveraging a prominent blockchain network in the GameFi sector. The BNB smart chain is one the best for Blockchain games, and it will ensure that playing Moshnake is super faster and cheaper than most P2E games. BNB smart chain is also connected to some of the top centralized exchanges globally. This makes funding the game and withdrawing rewards from the game into your local bank easier. 

Moshnake boasts compatibility with Metamask and hardware wallets, making accessibility easier without compromising security or functionality. Players are open to many incentives and in-game items that can be used in gameplay to boost their chances of winning. Moshnake has a multiplayer mode (Player Vs. Player) and a single-player mode (Player vs. Environment) which most newbies will prefer to up their skills before battling other players. 

The game promises users unlimited fun and rewards, unrestricted accessibility, ease of playing, and seamless funding and withdrawal. It makes you feel young again, as the nostalgic effect brings childhood memories. For the younger age, it’s a new type of fun entirely different from the conventional ones they’re used to. These factors make Moshnake capable of outperforming existing P2E crypto assets in a few years. 

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