Can Gnox (GNOX) Counter The Bear Market And 10x Your Portfolio, While Tokens Such As Axie Infinity (AXS) And Filecoin (FIL) Continue Downwards?

Can Gnox (GNOX) Counter The Bear Market And 10x Your Portfolio, While Tokens Such As Axie Infinity (AXS) And Filecoin (FIL) Continue Downwards?

If you could design the perfect crypto token for long-term investing, how would you go about it? For starters, you’d try to find a way to assure that the value of the token is constantly going up. Second, you’d want to find a way to incentivize long-term hodling and discourage short-term trading. Third, you’d want to set it up so that it produces monthly passive income. You’d want the tokenomics to somehow reward early adoption so that investors pile in as soon as they hear about it. And you’d want all this in a low-risk package. 

While tokens such as AXS (Axie Infinity) and FIL (Filecoin) lack any of these incentives their prices continue to flounder. Both are down more than 90% since their highs last November. However, there is a new DeFi platform that embodies all of those ideals in one token. It’s called Gnox Token (GNOX).

What is GNOX token?

The Gnox is a new kind of DeFi platform that makes passive income investing as simple as it can possibly get. All investors have to do is buy and hold GNOX token in order to earn ongoing passive income and enjoy long-term gains.

There are scores of passive income opportunities out there in crypto lands such as staking, lending, and liquidity providing. However, taking advantage of these opportunities requires a certain level of DeFi savvy — not to mention time. 

GNOX token is the ideal solution for those who don’t have the time to deal with all these DeFi platforms. Just buy and hold and the rest is done for you. They call it “yield farming as a service.” 

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Our first criteria for the ideal crypto investment is that it be designed to continually grow in value. In order to achieve this, Gnox takes a lesson from the world of NFTs. A 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales makes the token not-so-ideal for short-term trading and encourages long-term investing. 60% of that is raked into a common treasury that’s owned by everyone who holds the token.

The treasury is used to invest in a diversified portfolio of passive income opportunities. The revenue from these activities is distributed among all holders of the GNOX token via a monthly buy-back-and-burn mechanism that constantly reduces the circulating supply of the token, thus raising the price. As the treasury grows over time, it produces more and more passive income.

Also, 10% of the royalty is air-dropped back to GNOX holders once every hour thus perpetually increasing the number of tokens for each holder. This kickback means that the earlier you get in, the more your passive income compounds. Also, 30% is used to operate the platform and to attract new investors, further growing the treasury. 

But there’s another way that Gnox is encouraging early adoption. It’s through their innovative presale. The Gnox platform doesn’t actually launch until mid-August. In the meantime, the token is up for sale to early adopters. The earlier you get in on the ICO, the less you’ll pay for your token and the more they’ll be worth upon launch. This is because a portion of the tokens is burned each month up until launch. Before launch, any unsold tokens are also burned. No new tokens will be minted, ever. This, along with the monthly burns, assures that the GNOX token enjoys an eternally deflationary supply.

There’s a lot to like about the GNOX token. This is just a quick overview. You can learn more about yield farming as a service on the website.

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