Can Big Eyes Coin And Other Cryptos Yield In The Bear Market?

Be a Part of Creative Cryptocurrency Projects: Big Eyes Coin, Near Protocol, and Ethereum

With the mainstream attention on the cryptocurrency industry, some of its lucrative operations have become more popular. Crypto investing involves buying promising altcoins in the hope that it yields returns. The media have over-glamourized it and turned it into a “get-rich-fast scheme.” However, it is a tumultuous exercise that requires hours of market research, among other factors.

The ongoing bear market has successfully turned crypto investing into a more tedious task than ever. The extreme market volatility within the industry makes it harder to make calculated acquisitions, and it has become nearly impossible to avoid losses within the industry. The situation is forcing crypto adherents to turn to long-term cryptocurrency investing as it is a more sustainable model within the current climate. Long-term cryptocurrency acquisitions are renowned for fending against the impacts of a bear market.

In this piece, we discuss Big Eyes Coin (BIG), NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) – Bring Blockchains together

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a notable layer one blockchain within the cryptocurrency industry, whose design allows it to also operate as a community-run cloud computing platform. It is noteworthy within the industry to provide feasible solutions to many problems that older competing blockchain systems have struggled with for years, such as low transaction speeds, low throughput, and poor interoperability. This allows NEAR Protocol (NEAR) to function as an ideal environment for creating and deploying Decentralized Applications (dApps).

Its native cryptocurrency, NEAR, plays an integral role in its ecosystem. NEAR incentivizes the network and facilitates all operations on Near Protocol, such as payment fees, network governance, and user interaction. It is an industry-leading altcoin available on prominent crypto platforms within the industry, such as Binance, Huobi Global, Mandala Exchange, FTX, and OKEx.


What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

BIG is the native cryptocurrency of Big Eyes Coin, an upcoming crypto project that seeks to bring about massive changes in the cryptocurrency industry. The token plays a huge role in its ecosystem, incentivizing and facilitating all crypto-related operations. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) possesses attractive features, such as a lack of transaction fees, that make it ideal for interaction and all forms of crypto operations within the industry. It is one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies this year and has already raised over $5.436 million in its presale stages.

As it is currently in the third stage of its presale, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) possesses potential and could dominate the industry in the not-too-distant future.

Another amazing feature of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is that it is a platform that cares about protecting the Ocean. They have set aside a charity wallet to give 5% to charitable organisations which preserve our fish.

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