Caduceus And Cricket Legend Lord Botham Have Launched A Cricket NFT Collection On The Metaverse

Caduceus And Cricket Legend Lord Botham Have Launched A Cricket NFT Collection On The Metaverse

Caduceus, a cutting-edge Metaverse blockchain technology company, is excited to announce its partnership with the British sporting legend Lord Botham to launch an exclusive NFT collection on the Light Cycle platform.

According to the two, this partnership goes beyond selling and collecting NFTs. Its benefits are two ways providing a benchmark for combining Web3 technology and sports. This partnership introduces the world of cricket to the metaverse while showcasing the endless possibilities of Web3 technology.

Notably, through this partnership, Lord Botham will offer some vital tutorials to ensure everyone is involved in the project.

Commenting on the NFT collection and the partnership, Lord Botham stated:

“Like most people, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Metaverse and NFTs, I’ve done my research and am delighted to be launching my ‘Beefy Botham’ NFTs on Light Cycle which is powered by the caduceus Blockchain. I have made some tutorials to help my existing fans and will be able to offer them unique user experiences as well as education, very excited to be taking Cricket to the Metaverse.”


Ian ‘Beefy’ Botham (Lord Botham) has joined Caduceus to give his fans access to his legacy by offering an unprecedented utility. Caduceus and Lord Botham hope their partnership attracts a new generation of young cricketers to the metaverse and introduces cricket to those already invested in the innovation. 

Caduceus is the first metaverse with the ability to make 100,000 low-cost transactions per second with a decentralized edge version. The company seeks to provide an infrastructure layer for metaverse development.  Caduceus is easy to use, developer-friendly and has its complete development tools. Note the partnership will use Caduceus’s native token, CMP which was recently launched. The token is scheduled to be launched on Bybit on July 25, 2022. 

Tim Bullman Caduceus CEO added:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Lord Botham and the team at Light Cycle chose us to partner with, to take cricket to the Metaverse. The Caduceus Blockchain has many USPs. The NFT collection will be listed on the Light Cycle platform, which we will power. We cannot wait to take you all with us. Watch this space, there’s a lot more to come!’