BuySellHODL Unveils Highly Informative Cryptocurrency Ratings and Price Targets Platform

BuySellHODL Unveil Highly Informative Cryptocurrency Ratings and Price Targets Platform

BuySellHODL has announced the launch of its innovative cryptocurrency ratings and price targets platform and everyone can now download the mobile app on their Android and Apple devices.

At current, the rating service is free, and it gives crypto enthusiasts and traders quantitative real-time price target data for bitcoin and altcoins, making it a vital tool for both the crypto newbie as well as experts.

Bitcoin Price Target and Rating

The BuySellHODL app regularly queries a vast array of users to get their opinions on the market outlook. The data is collated and used as part of the formula to formulate the overall ratings and price targets of the digital asset.

The ratings and price targets are published and updated every hour on the BuySellHODL website and the rating section of the Android and iPhone apps.

Key Features

The vital features of the platform are:

  •    Real-Time Data – the team, strives to update the crypto price targets every minute, while ratings are updated daily.
  •    Quantitative Data and Info
  •    Sentiment Analysis available
  •    Universally Available- users can get access to the service from anywhere they may be across the globe since its available on the web and smartphones.

How it Works

Users of the BuySellHODL platform are required to create a “crypto Bio” which are basically questions about their opinions concerning the crypto markets. The platform now uses the data and other metrics to formulate ratings and price targets for each crypto.

The bitcoin price target formula comprises of numerous factors including

  •    The distribution of the bitcoin Buy, Sell and HODL ratings
  •    The distribution of altcoins ratings
  •    The bitcoin price prediction survey data.

More Features Coming

In the coming weeks, the platform plans to add additional ratings and price targets for several established cryptos, including Ether (ETH), XRP, bitcoin cash (BCH), TRON (TRX), Stellar (XLM), Binance Coin (BNB) and more.

There will also be an experts section, where it would feature price targets and analysis from thought-leaders in the crypto space.

That’s not all; the platform will also launch geographic rating analysis for top crypto locations like the U.S., Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and several others.

“There is a severe lack of compelling data and real-time analysis on cryptos. Our app addresses these shortcomings head-on, by providing the first-of-its-kind digital assets content,” said the founder of BuySEllHODL, Clifford Lerner.

“Our unique methods of generating the coin ratings and price targets help us to seamlessly provide differentiated data analysis regarding market sentiment trends for each asset and the entire crypto markets,” Lerner added.