BULLZ and Mazer Gaming Partner to Bring Web3 GameFi to the Esports Industry Through Education

BULLZ and Mazer Gaming Partner to Bring Web3 GameFi to the Esports Industry Through Education

BULLZ, a social platform for Web3 and growth marketing leader, has partnered with Mazer Gaming, an esports and entertainment organization, to expand and educate the Web3 GameFi space.

BULLZ is a specialized platform designed to provide users with genuine blockchain and cryptocurrency recommendations. By empowering creators, BULLZ enables them to earn rewards for their video content that educates and spreads awareness about blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and DAO projects. Often referred to as the “TikTok for Web3,” the platform has amassed over 96,000 peer-reviewed videos since its late 2021 launch.

On the other hand, Mazer Gaming is an esports and entertainment organization that aims to create winning teams and provide entertaining content for fans. They have competed in various game titles since their establishment in 2014. Mazer Gaming is active in Web3 and has launched a monthly crypto-infused esports event called the Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Series to promote education and adoption of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.

BULLZ Partners Mazer Gaming to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Following the new partnership, Mazer Gaming will be able to connect with BULLZ’s community of more than 60,000 creators, including Twitch content creators such as Stingin, iiPK, and Choi. The partnership provides an opportunity to tap into the professional esports community and onboard gaming content creators to the BULLZ network while enabling Web3 projects to launch campaign collaborations with content creators to drive education and onboarding.

Notably, the collaboration of BULLZ and Mazer Gaming will provide users with an exciting opportunity to engage with the professional esports community and welcome knowledgeable gaming content creators to the BULLZ network. Furthermore, the partnership will provide Web3 initiatives focused on revolutionizing the GameFi sphere with the chance to promote education and facilitate onboarding by initiating campaign collaborations with content creators.


Via the partnership, Mazer Gaming will be able to access user-generated content via the BULLZ Campaign Manager and onboard its own network of creators onto the BULLZ app for collaboration opportunities. The BULLZ Campaign Manager enables Web3 projects to develop multi-layered content strategies that meet their goals, such as increasing reach and engagement and building authenticity and trust. Once a new campaign is launched on the Campaign Manager, creators on the BULLZ app receive instant notifications and can decide whether to participate by creating videos for rewards. Creators can also increase their earning potential by sharing the content on their social accounts, including Twitch. Various Web3 projects, including 8 Finance, Youmeme, Monkey League, and Safe ZK, have already succeeded by partnering with platform creators.

“The gaming sector is witnessing remarkable potential for Web3 technologies. We are delighted to collaborate with BULLZ and extend our esports community through their creator network. Together, we can offer clients and partners a compelling value proposition centred around creator-driven marketing,” said Samuel Kijak, the CEO & Owner of Mazer Gaming.

The CEO & Founder of BULLZ, Melanie Mohr, also commented on the partnership saying, “We’re excited to welcome Mazer Gaming and their amazing gaming creators into the BULLZ community and to firmly establish BULLZ’s expertise in the GameFi space.”