BTCC Exchange Announces Futures Listings For MATIC and GMT

BTCC Exchange Announces Futures Listings For MATIC and GMT

Two well-known cryptocurrencies, Polygon (MATIC) and STEPN (GMT) have recently been introduced to the platform of BTCC, the exchange that is commemorating its 11th anniversary this year.

The BTCC exchange, which is recognized for offering futures trading services, gives its consumers the choice of weekly and perpetual futures with a 50x leverage, enhancing their trading power with little initial investment. These trading pairs are now available to users on both their mobile apps and websites.

Two of the most popular coins on the cryptocurrency market right now are GMT and MATIC. The market has lately been aware of this highly scalable cryptocurrency because of Polygon, MATIC’s native network, which recently announced its collaboration with Nothing to enable Web3 capabilities in smartphones. Due to the success of its “Move-to-earn” app STEPN, GMT has grown in popularity. It was only launched in March 2022, so it has a relatively recent history, yet it already has a market cap of $557 million.

Additional new listings in 2022

This year, BTCC is steadily adding more new products and functionalities to its platform to meet the expanding needs of its users. For the most recent information, follow them on Twitter.