Blocko Starts its Customer Migration Program Following the launch of its Aergo Enterprise Blockchain

Blocko Starts its Customer Migration Program Following the launch of its Aergo Enterprise Blockchain

Blocko, a highly reputed blockchain project with offices in South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, has unveiled a first-of-its-kind blockchain solution to promote data integrity.

With the launch of its Aergo Enterprise, Blocko is now retiring its existing Coinstack solution.

Aergo Enterprise is built upon a hybrid blockchain model, enabling organizations to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, security, and value.

Aergo Enterprise comes with intricate features and tools that allow companies to integrate blockchain technology into their operations seamlessly.

Unlike other private blockchains such as Hyperledger, Corda, and Coinstack, the Hybrid approach used by Aergo Enterprise is the first-of-its-kind consensus.


The Aergo Enterprise Advantage

Open data Silos: The Aergo Enterprise uses Merkle Bridges to help clients facilitate the exchange of assets like information, tokenized goods and more, in a trustless manner, thereby improving B2B collaborations.

Data Integrity: Aergo Enterprise promotes data integrity by anchoring data, recording transactions and hashes on its immutable ledger.

Easy to Use: the platform is easy to implement; it supports one-click provisioning of custom blockchains and simplified cloud system orchestration.

Easy Data Monitoring: Aergo Enterprise comes with the Hub Enterprise feature; it also provides users with a dashboard to view transaction and block history info and more.

Usable Development Kits: Aergo features an SQL/PL-like programming and data handling system and highly functional smart contracts.

Integrated Node Management: Aergo Enterprise has robust node management systems for configuring and managing permissions, as well as deleting data.

Pre-built Apps: All apps previously built upon Coinstack, including those used for Identity authentication, payments, and other purposes, will now be available on Aergo Enterprise.

24/7 Support: the Aergo customer care team will provide unlimited assistance to users.

All Blocko’s existing clients will be able to upgrade to the new Aergo Enterprise solution, and the firm has now begun the migration process.

“We’ve been supporting Aergo Organization in the design and construction of the Aergo platform for a full year. After a long and intensive R&D process, we are excited to finally launch our largest product to date,” said Won-Beom Kim, founder, and CEO of Blocko.

He also noted that:

“Our existing customers will be able to complete the migration program with ease and switch to our hybrid, high-performance blockchain network setup to achieve greater levels of security and scalability while expanding their use cases.”