Blockchain Gaming-Focused Incubator Seedify Set To Launch New Features And Utilities For Its Token

Blockchain Gaming-Focused Incubator Seedify Set To Launch New Features And Utilities For Its Token

Seedify, a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, is on a mission to bring the opportunities within GameFi into the global market while helping increase adoption.

Seedify seeks to provide curated Initial Game Offering (IGO) through its platform that offers support to blockchain games to help them reach crowdsourced funding. Seedify also aims to help these projects with community building and marketing while at the same time allowing them access to tokens to upcoming blockchain games before they get listed.

Seedify, launched on March 26, 2021, is about to celebrate its one year of operations without outside funding through Private sales, VCs, or IDOs. In the last twelve months, Seedify has become one of the largest Launchpads in the industry that has hosted over 40 successful token offerings.

Seedify thrives from the continuous support from its community and a network of industry partners. The platform has built an ecosystem dedicated to ensuring the success of all projects launched through its platform. Since its launch, Seedify has hosted some of the most successful IGOs of 2021, including Cryowar, Bloktopia, and SIDUS Heroes. Just recently, Seedify saw about 4500 participants take part in its latest IGO.

Roadmap ahead

Despite the tremendous success over the last few months, the Seedify team is currently focused on expanding its platform to create a better ecosystem that fosters innovation, creating new opportunities while providing support to top gaming platforms.


Notably, the team is currently working on launching a few new features and products. These new developments are scheduled to be launched in April. They will include the Seedify NFT Launchpad, Metaverse assets, Metaverse NFT marketplace, Seedify NFT, and its highly anticipated Initial NFT Offering (INO) platform.

Following the INO launch, $SFUND stakers will be able to participate in INO on the Seedify NFT Launchpad, gaining access to early in-game and Metaverse NFT assets. Unlike tokens purchased through IGOs, NFTs are not subject to a vesting schedule. This means that NFT owners will be able to sell or trade their assets on the newly launched Seedify NFT Space marketplace, taking advantage of their assets’ price appreciation when the opportunity arises. Users will also utilize Seedify’s comprehensive tools to research utilities and features of different items to understand the assets in question and their values fully.

Notably, the marketplace will also have an RNG reward feature that provides NFT rewards on every transaction executed on the platform. These rewards will be awarded randomly. However, the number of $SSNFTS, Seedify NFT Space’s utility token, and the transaction’s size could influence the user to receive a higher value NFT reward.

With the new features comes additional utility for the $SFUND token, the native token on the platform. $SFUNDS holders will enjoy 1% fee discounts and higher chances to win more RNG NFT rewards. The token will also be used to pre-fund NFT collections through crowdfunding features.