Blockchain-based Sleap Announces Upcoming Launch Aimed At Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

Sleap Announces Upcoming Launch Aimed At Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry
Advertisement, a Web3-based hotel booking platform, is set to transform the hotel industry through different emerging technologies.

According to the team, the launch has been set for sometime later this summer. The launch will offer users access o the first-of-its-kind hotel booking platform that merges blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The platform reportedly aims to help users make seamless transactions through cryptocurrencies. By harnessing different technologies, Sleap will offer numerous benefits, such as reduced transaction fees, protection from fraud, and chargebacks, among many others.

Notably, this next-gen Online Travel Agency (OTA) will use AI search tools and algorithms to analyze user data to create exclusive tailor-made offers to users. This will range from destinations to hotel booking suggestions. was founded by Michael Ros, a travel tech entrepreneur who sought to redefine using technologies, including the next-gen Camino Network, to bridge the gap between traditional hospitability and the growing Web3 space. Users will get rewarded with Casimo Network tokens (CAM) for making reservations using the platform and referring other users.

While sharing his thoughts on the driving force behind Sleap, Michael Ros stated:


“Imagine a world where your crypto wallet is your passport to a multitude of personalized hotel offers sent to you as NFTs—that’s the vision we’re bringing to life with Sleap. We’ve designed our platform to not only harness the power of blockchain but also evolve dynamically to meet the needs and preferences of our users.” 

To use the Sleap platform, users need a crypto wallet. Once logged in, users receive offers as NFTs before making payments in any crypto assets they choose. On the other hand, property owners receive payments in fiat currency such as the US dollar. 

In addition to operating on the Camino Layer 1 network and accepting crypto payments, the platform has also formed strategic partnerships with global partners with over 150 properties. Sleap also uses Discord as its primary communication hub, which makes it possible to streamline operations through search bots and AI. 

The platform is still under development, and the team will give more details in the coming days.