BiXBiT Announces Bug Bounty Program To Test AMS, Its New Release For Miners

BiXBiT Announces Bug Bounty Program To Test AMS, Its New Release For Miners

BiXBiT is elated to announce a Bug-Bunty program to test its new release, an automated monitoring system (AMS).

As per the announcement, the AMS was created to assist and make mining safer and more convenient. The Bug-Bounty program will reportedly help test this new system and provide feedback to make the necessary changes. The Bug-Bounty program is open to all users, especially miners. Participants will be required to provide feedback on the system, such as making suggestions for improvements or objective remarks, vulnerabilities, and AMS flaws.

The BiXBiT team has designed a unique concept that combines the traditional Bug Bounty scheme with the giveaway referral program, which has served as an added advantage for users to join the project. BiXBiT has a seasonal Bug Bounty program in which a new product version is given each season. Notably, the BiXBiT team invites all users to enter the main prize draw as part of the Seasonal Bug Bounty program. Winners will be chosen depending on the points they collect.

Points are awarded to users for posting a review, uploading a video, inviting new participants, and completing extra reviews on social media. Notably, reviews will be assessed concerning their usefulness and informativeness.

All wishing to participate in the program must register on the BiXBiT bounty page. After successful registration, the participant will start testing by logging in to their AMC account on the BiXBiT website. Here, they will download the software to their device, saving them 20% of overall energy consumption and lowering overall costs. Once they are done testing, the participant will give feedback and invite referrals using the given referral code. 

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BiXBiT is a company that provides innovative mining solutions. Since its launch, the company has had extensive expertise in developing and implementing unique immersion cooling technologies. BiXBiT’s immersion cooling systems have benefited miners on several occasions, including cells, racks, and containers for full-fledged mining. The system has also enabled miners to access advanced firmware with optimized settings to boost hashrate capabilities. 

Another advantage of the Immersion cooling system includes enabling effective heat dissipation facilitated by using a non-conductive liquid. This design ensures that there is no fine particle emission which assists with equipment protection. Additionally, this reduces noise while lowering energy costs by up to 30%. BiXBiT’s immersion cooling system also works with air-cooled ASICs allowing miners to reduce equipment costs and maintain cooling efficiency significantly.