Bitsliced’s App Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain And Real-World Asset Integration

Bitsliced's App Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain And Real-World Asset Integration

Three eras later and blockchain technology is still facing adoption challenges mainly due to insufficient real-world assets integration.

Bitsliced, a blockchain-based protocol is intergrading tradable real-world items into blockchain through its super app Sliced. Bitsliced seeks to bridge this gap by providing a SocialFi app and marketplace where users can easily tokenize and fractionize assets from different markets.

The Sliced app allows users to mint and trade different NFTs and tokens that represent real-world assets. The app is designed to allow users to create a digital representation of an owned asses. Users can create anything from a piece of art, property, clothing, or even a vehicle. The result is a parallel digital marketplace where users can trade items similar to the real world.

Once fully launched, Sliced will have unique features including gamification, social media, NFT channels, staking, and yield farming. The gamified component of the app will feature badges and a leaderboard system that will incentivize users to keep using the app. The social element will leverage an innovative approach allowing users to socialize through Bitsliced’s NFT channels.

The NFT channels will serve as a place for the Bitsliced community to hang out, trade, or hold a discussion on different trending topics like fashion, collectibles, and more. The NFT channels are ideally designed to act as a personal digital space. Bitsliced’s NFT channels will provide an avenue, ‘a sort of a digital gallery’ for users to showcase their portfolios and NFT.

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Notably, Bitsliced will issue universal digital certificates with a seal of trust through its proprietary Sliced NFT system. These certificates will be unique NFTs representing ownership of specific assets. Before minting any certificate, the Bitsliced team will ensure all legal due diligence and verification of data are done beforehand.

Lastly is the staking and yield farming feature offering serval passive income possibilities. SLICED holders, the native token on the platform will earn an estimated annual percentage yield of 15%. Note that SLICED holders can choose to become liquidity providers to Bitsliced’s protocol and marketplace to earn about 25% APY.

Notably, SLICED serves as the heart of the project powering all transactions within the Bitsliced ecosystem. Currently, SLICED users enjoy a 1% cashback for each transaction, their real estate purchases getting up to 8% cash back depending on the broker.

The app is still under development and will soon be available on all mobile devices including Android operating systems and iOS. In addition, the team plans to make it possible for users to fractionalize and divide ownership of assets allowing for verifiable co-ownership.