Bitrue Is Now Among the Top 15 Exchanges On CoinGecko’s List

Bitrue Is Now Among the Top 15 Exchanges On CoinGecko’s List

Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency management platform, is now among the top 15 crypto exchanges in the market.

According to reports, Bitrue now ranks No. 12 on CoinGecko’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitrue new position did not come easily. The team behind the project has had to prove and pass various factors set by CoinGecko to rank the different exchanges available in the market. 

Since its inception, CoinGecko has been an impartial data aggregator providing accurate data for the cryptocurrency community. The platform determines its ranking through its rating algorithm called Trust Score. The algorithm considers various factors, including security standards, trading activities, scale, liquidity, past incidences, and the overall team management by the exchanges. Currently, the aggregator provides data for over 10 million users across the globe.  

Commenting on their new position, Adam O’Neill, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, stated:

“We are thrilled to see our achievements ranked so highly after objective analysis from CoinGecko, the world’s leading cryptocurrency analysis platform. Within the three years since Bitrue launched, our team has poured their hearts and souls into consistently delivering a cornucopia of services and benefits to our users, which now includes trading, loans, investments, DeFi, and dozens of new coins listings every week. Our sights are firmly placed on entering the top 10.”


As per the data on CoinGecko, Bitrue has a trading volume of over $3.01 billion. The exchange has listed 197 coins and 390-coin pairs. Notably, Bitrue was created by a group of blockchain enthusiasts seeking to provide a safe and convenient platform for users to trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange’s security features include two-factor authentication, cold wallet, and multi-signature features.  It also has a unique core pair trading system. 

O’Neill added:

“Our strategy has meant that we’ve been able to move fast and secure quick listings for coins like GALA, LUNA, and XDC. These upstart coins have gone on to make returns of 1000% or more within months, which shows that there are still plenty of opportunities to make significant sums in crypto when high-quality projects are identified and made available to our customers.”

The news comes weeks after the exchange launched its newest feature, the BTR Voting. This feature allows the Bitrue community to vote on which coins should be listed on the exchange. In addition, the ranking follows a recent rally from many other smart contracts chains, including XinFin, Solana, and Cardano.