Bitop Aims to Create A New Era of Artificial Intelligence in Crypto Trading

Bitop Aims to Create A New Era of Artificial Intelligence in Crypto Trading

The business world has seen some shake-ups in the last few years, especially with the boom of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technology behind it. The expansion of the blockchain and crypto industry has seen many innovative and exciting projects pop up that are on track to push the industry even further and offer amazing products and services to consumers.

As the industry evolves, so do the needs of consumers, especially when it comes to interacting with digital assets as easily as they do fiat currency and traditional assets. So far, Bitop has shown exceptional promise. 

Bitop is one of the best digital asset exchanges that work for project development and implies services such as easy trading methods, easy payment solutions, and decentralized finance development. 

Moreover, it makes accountable the vast benefits of artificial intelligence by creating an ecosystem based on blockchain that solves users’ financial problems and helps them achieve their goals. 

Some of the features include:


Digital Assets:  Bitop has built a successful general asset model that includes metadata, ownership, status, life cycle, publisher, and more assets that can be transferred and replaced with metadata hash.

Payments: The platform offers a reconciliation payment system that is based on blockchain technology where real-time account information is registered when transactions take place making them quickly, effectively and accurately.

Mining: One of the biggest issues in the crypto industry is to maximize mining profits. Bitop has launched a mining data resource service platform based on blockchain technology that provides real and effective data services for individuals, institutions, and enterprises. It uses smart contracts to exchange and trade with external data, strengthening the connection between major links so that users can obtain stable and reliable income.

Internet Finance: With a high-quality blockchain, Bitop has been able to make up for the lack of internet finance and risks controls, mitigating any issues and making the platform safer and more transparent. It has alleviated the problem of information asymmetry and offer traceability, anti-counterfeiting, and transaction verifications to make blockchain technology the foundation of a new generation of supply chain finance.

Moreover, the digital exchange platform is also mining its own native token, BTOP which is powering the platform’s collateralized lending attribute.

Bitop’s token BTOP combines DeFi and centralized exchange to grant customers a clear and straightforward experience. It also offers an affiliate program where users can earn a certain portion of their referred user’s transaction fee as commission. The portal follows a tiered rebate ratio for its members and the cap limit is fixed at 15%.

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