Bitmedia: Decentralized Ad Platform For Generating Crypto Traffic

Bitmedia: Top-Rated Decentralized Ad Platform For Generating Crypto Traffic Through Display Advertising

There are many ways you can go about increasing your crypto website traffic. Still, before you engage with these ways it is incremental to understand the goals, as it is these goals that will dictate the tools one should use. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot of time, energy, and money on a crypto marketing campaign that’s not going to benefit your bottom line.

So, let’s look at the reasons as to why you want to increase your website traffic and how you can go about it!

Look at why you want to increase your website traffic

First up you want to start by looking at what you hope to achieve by boosting your website traffic. This allows you to focus your efforts on a meaningful boost of website traffic. Everyone wants to score more sales or leads, so let’s say this is your goal. You’ll want to focus on efforts that will lead to this, driving more of the right type of traffic.

It’s easy enough to boost website traffic but boosting it for the right reasons and getting the right type of traffic is more complicated. So, look at what your goal is from the traffic boost perspective and start your planning there.  If boosting website traffic is simply a vanity metric so that you can boast about 1 million unique visitors per month, then you’ve got an easy job ahead of you.

Now you have a rough idea of what your goals for this traffic boost should be, it’s time to look at how you can drive the right traffic to your site!

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Which is the best way to gain instant coverage for a crypto website?

A lot of marketers don’t like to wait around to get results, meaning that doing hardcore SEO changes and waiting half a year for results to make sense aren’t for you. If you want to gain good and instant traffic to your crypto site, you’ll want to look at running a series of display ad campaigns, as this tool is capable of delivering good quality leads and brand awareness.

You can use crypto ad networks such as Bitmedia to run hyper-focused display campaigns and increase your meaningful traffic. Same platforms also work great for broad coverage of the market and brand awareness, which means that your ads will pop up in all the publications, making your brand a household name.

Bitmedia is a decentralized ad platform that generates crypto traffic through display advertising

You can also launch affiliate programs, rewarding affiliates for sending traffic to your site. Now, the type of deal here makes the biggest difference! Most affiliate strategies will likely lead you down the route of bot traffic that gives you no meaningful boosts. So look at securing CPA or rev share affiliate deals, as you only have to pay out on actual leads of conversions.

While these are both great ways to boost your traffic instantly, crypto marketing in 2022 must be as broad in channel coverage as possible. So, let’s look at some other ways to boost your traffic in the long-term that will also yield you great results for years to come!

How can I increase the traffic on my website?

Unlike setting up display ads that you set up with support of a display network’ account manager, SEO is a slightly more difficult beast to tackle. Hence, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work. Spend time to boost your website speed, fix all those redirects, add alt tags on images, give your content a freshen up with trending relevant keywords and focus on Google’s latest updates. By doing this, you’ll give your website a nice tune-up that will help with your organic traffic and overall rankings.

Once you’ve given your website a nice on-site tune-up, it’s time to focus on your marketing efforts. Look at where your ideal users hang out and spend their spare time. Are they on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch? You should have a customer identity built up already, so use this data and start building your marketing efforts around this.

Unfortunately, conventional platforms are not as straightforward when it comes to crypto advertising. Most blockchain-related projects get banned there, so do consider building a mailing list and ramping up your email marketing efforts with tools like Klenty. Don’t narrow your options down and spend all your budget on a single avenue. Open it up and spread your marketing efforts over multiple channels and avenues. This gives you the best reach potential and the best chances at boosting your web traffic.

While you’re doing this, you want to also create meaningful content. Spend time creating blogs, articles, guides, and videos that are useful to your users and audience. By giving them real value in the content that you produce, you’re giving them more reason to keep coming back and share your content with their friends and family, which means more traffic!

By combining all of these points, you’ll be able to sustainably increase your website traffic in a meaningful way for a longer period of time. What’s more, you’ll be increasing the traffic that actually counts, meaning you’ll get more sales, leads or downloads!

Start boosting your website traffic today!

With the right planning and strategy, you can boost your website traffic in no time at all. You can combine instant traffic boosts with a long-term plan to ensure that your website traffic boosting project starts off on the right foot and continues to grow and evolve as your business does. Just don’t forget to plan for the increased traffic volumes. Whether that’s adding more support crew or more server capacity, if you’re going to boost your traffic, you need to be prepared! Good luck!