Bitget Exchange Launches Academy, Invests $10 Million in Blockchain4Youth CSR Project

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Bitget, a global crypto derivatives and copy trading exchange, is launching Bitget Academy training project aimed at empowering young individuals with a $10 million investment through the Blockchain4Youth project. As stated in a press release, the project will revolve around the exchange’s core values focused on advancing crypto and blockchain technology adoption through the leadership of young generation representatives.

The launch of the Blockchain4Youth project comes with a $10 million investment that Bitget will be allocated over the coming 5 years to support talented individuals seeking to take on leadership roles in the blockchain space. The exchange will be adopting a 360-approach to educating such individuals via a series of on-campus courses held in the Bitget Academy and in partnership with a number of leading universities around the world.

The first countries to host such events will be Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, with other regions set to follow in the near future. The Bitget Academy will be issuing certificates to graduates and giving them access to a number of lectures and expanded courses to allow them to take on leading roles in blockchain adoption efforts around the world. Scholarship plans for enrollment in leading universities are also being developed and will be announced later.

Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, stated that future generations require exhaustive access to education about Web3 and blockchain technologies to ensure successful global adoption. In a statement related to the launch of the Blockchain4Youth project, she also mentioned that Bitget “aims to leverage its global reach and initiate meaningful projects to empower the younger generation.”

A recent study conducted by the Bitget exchange reveals that Generation Z and Millennials are the leading forces of digital change and adoption, with 49% of the latter being regarded as crypto enthusiasts. Such statistics give the exchange team grounds to align the core values of Bitget with young generations and strive to provide them with opportunities for growth and education within blockchain space. With a blockchain-based future being the key goal for the Bitget team, training future leaders with crypto-friendly approaches is of key focus for the exchange.


The Bitget Blockchain4Youth project will expand beyond the Bitget Academy, attracting top blockchain projects for joint collaborations as part of U30 initiatives. Bitget is in the process of establishing partnerships with sports clubs and other establishments to create a role model beacon around the exchange and empower change.

The launch of the Blockchain4Youth project in May of 2023 will be followed by the first courses at the Bitget Academy in the same month. The exchange welcomes ambassadors and partners alike to promote the project and seek out talent capable of contributing to global blockchain education and adoption efforts jointly.