BitGame Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform

BitGame Blockchain Gaming Platform

Bitgame is a sports betting platform that uses blockchain technology as a basis to offer absolute anonymity and cryptocurrencies or digital currencies to favor the rapid execution of betting operations, evasion of important processes, and reduction in the time since you enter the platform until you place your first bets.

And it is that Bitgame is characterized by being an innovative platform that is at the forefront from every point of view by using the maximum current technology to provide a simple and effective usability experience in which a large number of sports can be taken into account, both physical and virtual that lately are taking great importance to be presented as formal sports with important leagues and prominent players around the world.

The rise of virtual sports in recent years

At the time of the creation of this article Bitgame has paid special attention to virtual sports that have taken on great importance in recent years, creating an expectant audience that is increasingly closer to the different leagues worldwide and the players. the highest level in each of these video games.

And it is that the rise of virtual sports is especially important since through a statement expressed by Hal Biagas, executive director of the North American LCS Players Association (NALCSPA), the average base salary of League Of Legends players in 2020 was around $ 410,000 on average; This only means that there is a huge audience for these sports and Bitgame has realized this, including more than 10 different video games with their respective leagues so that lovers of these sports can place their bets in real-time.

With a team of more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment and sports betting industry, Bitgame has employees in several countries including the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, among others, all with the aim of building the best online betting platform hand in hand with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


High security in funds and operations

The online gambling sector is taking on greater importance with the implementation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since they can offer what the user needs, anonymity, confidence in the management of funds, and speed in the execution of operations for betting in real-time. For this reason, the capacity offered by Bitgame is above all current platforms since through advanced encryption technology it is guaranteed that no one can steal or freeze funds and you can place your bets without fear of extraction or alteration in the number of chips. that you own.

The inclusion achieved by blockchain is also especially important by allowing the usability of the platform even in countries where gambling is prohibited, therefore the attractiveness of this platform is enormous for gambling lovers who want to earn money online avoiding a large number of processes since they present high positions in commissions.


Bitgame allows you to take your bets to the next level as it offers you a wide variety of options whether you like physical sports or virtual sports, all anonymously using state-of-the-art technology to execute all your bets quickly and safely. evading a large number of processes that would be necessary under the common modality in other betting platforms. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to carry out your bets in Bitgame since it can provide you with the support you need with the peace of mind of knowing that you only depend on yourself to win money online.

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