Bitengen Unveils One-Stop DeFi Exchange Backed Coin And Crypto Trading Platform

Bitengen Unveils One-Stop DeFi Exchange Backed Coin And Crypto Trading Platform

Bitengen Exchange, a Bitcoin-based platform, has introduced its new Binance based project, Bitengencoin.

As per the announcement, Bitengecoin (BENG) is an advanced cryptocurrency created to facilitate the adoption of users’ digital assets while maintaining data records on the decentralized blockchain. BitengenCoin consists of many tokens and exchanging sets. The platform also offers margin, spot mining, and alternative trading. 

The Bitengen Core-team’s mission is to inspire wealth-building/staking community practices leading to exponential innovation in tackling the likes of abrupt climate change and energy requirements needed to transform our civilization into a Type 1 Kardashev civilization. Two clear initial examples are:

  • 1. Their plans in partnering with and its clean disruptive energy systems tracked by blockchain.
  • 2. Supporting the Rowland Institute’s MEER Project at Harvard (, designing surface-based mirrors for Earths energy/temperature rebalancing, flighting abrupt climate change feedback loops.

Commenting on the new project, Dylan Howard, Bitengen’s advisor, and representative stated:

“We are thrilled to launch Bitengencoin, and we strongly feel it will outperform the competition by facilitating the adoption of the users’ digital NFT portfolios within the trading space while constantly churning returns for their accounts, maintaining data records on the decentralized Binance blockchain, and yielding results. We anticipate the Bitengen Platform to be the top energy-efficient exchange in the market, as well as faster, and with the lowest fees yet with humanitarian values.”


BitengenCoin was created to use blockchain technology to assemble the financial freedom needed for Bitengen users. The cryptocurrency seeks to remove boundaries, transform the future of finance and develop the overall crypto economy. BitengenCoin’s trading framework offer is cost-effective transactions that are fast and safe. The project also makes it easy to create and develop decentralized applications that end-users can download. Security ranks among BitengenCoin’s significant concerns, the platform will offer its users a protected and stable environment. 

Notably, BitengenCoin was developed on the Binance Blockchain with a total coin supply of 3 Billion. BitengenCoin will go a long way in broadening the trading parameters for the Bitengen exchange. Bitengen is one of the well-known trading platforms for cryptocurrencies. Bitengen seeks to inspire wealth-building or staking community practices that will lead to exponential innovation. The project hopes these innovations will help tackle current climate change and energy requirements needs.

Howard further added:

“At Bitengen, we remain committed to creating a dynamic and most innovative platform that equips our users with all necessary tools for their trading activities. In such a rapidly-changing and ever-expanding industry, we continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders worldwide. We have always followed a client-oriented approach and placed our clients’ interests at the center of all our operations.”

To actualize its mission, Bitengen is already forming strategic partnerships with the likes of Q the MEER Project. Currently, BitengenCoin is holding its presale event, welcoming early bird investors to join the project.

Bitengen’s Roadmap plans for 2022 include:

  1. Launch an NFT marketplace – given the current market landscape and community’s love for NFTs, it would be a massive success
  2. Launch a mobile app for NFT marketplace – it would allow them to reach out to an even broader audience since mobile usage is exploding
  3. Add top 50 pairs of cryptocurrencies on the platform to enable more options for trading
  4. Enable margin trading so traders can earn more even if they have less
  5. Listing BitengenCoin on top crypto exchanges, including Binance
  6. Marketing for their NFT marketplace takes a full swing!

The IEO starts on December 27th on the Exchange. The BitengenCoin price will be starting at $0.09

To know more on how to participate in the IEO, please visit or