Bitcoin Spark: Imagine Bitcoin’s decentralization, with a real working background product, it exists

Bitcoin Spark: Imagine Bitcoin's decentralization, with a real working background product, it exists

What would a scenario where the decentralization power of Bitcoin combined with a functional background product look like? It might appear a far-fetched dream, but such a remarkable combination exists. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) holds the potential to reshape the digital platform by ushering in a new era of possibilities and applications.

What is Bitcoin?

Often referred to as the father of crypto, Bitcoin pioneered all that pertains to decentralization and digital currency. What was created in 2009 was a result of a group or individual (Satoshi) with a clear vision of eliminating barriers to financial freedom and third-party control. What started as a low-value token is today the most valuable cryptocurrency, commanding a market cap of 592B. Its resilience has seen its recovery amidst tough times in its decade and a half. Bitcoin’s concept appeared at the time as a distant dream, but the crypto arena is now reaping the rewards. Altcoins have emerged with improvements centred around the Bitcoin concept. However, the BTC journey is not without challenges. A diversion in the original Satoshi vision led to disagreements and divergent views, eventually leading to Bitcoin forks, with the latest being Bitcoin Spark (BTCS).

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS): Reigniting The Bitcoin Dream

Bitcoin Spark is building up on what Bitcoin missed, a remarkable decentralization boosted by a real utility product. The concept is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality with Bitcoin Spark. BTCS achieves this feat through Proof-of-Process blockchain technology.

BTCS’ PoP enhances transaction processing speed (TPS) by reducing the time per block and expanding the capacity for individual transactions within each block. BTCS strives to increase network nodes funded by cost-effective initial investments and ongoing operational expenses. What makes Bitcoin Spark even more intriguing is its commitment to democratising the mining process, allowing virtually anyone to participate due to the lowered entry barriers.

Bitcoin Spark introduces a robust application designed to facilitate access to processing power. This application serves as a gateway for users to harness computational capabilities for various tasks within the Bitcoin Spark ecosystem. BTCS users can tap into the network’s computing resources and contribute to the overall efficiency and functionality of the platform through the Bitcoin Spark Application. The team will avail the software to compatible smart devices to enhance user engagement. BTCS has undergone an audit and KYC to ensure transparency and regulation compliance.


The Bitcoin Spark network encourages validators and permits low-power devices to engage in network operations. BTCS moderation fosters a higher validator count, enhancing security and preventing congestion issues faced by blockchains with numerous validators. As a result, this setup invites an unlimited array of devices to validate and contribute processing power to the Bitcoin Spark network. This dual advantage exponentially boosts product potential and blockchain security.

Validation, mining, and processing occur through the Bitcoin Spark application. After launch, the application’s source code will be open to third-party developers. A rewards calculator within the Bitcoin Spark app helps validators gauge profitability before participating in network consensus. These rewards are algorithmically determined, favouring processing power and stake size. The rewards decrease progressively and are calculated as per additional power and stake size to avoid monopoly.

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO is surging into phase two after the successful first phase. During this phase, BTCS is priced at $1.75, and holders can enjoy a 15% bonus on their orders while expecting 657% gains upon the project’s launch at $10.

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