Bitcoin Overpriced? Investors Substitute BTC For ETH With Multiple Reasons Highlighted

Investors Substitute Bitcoin For Ethereum With Multiple Reasons Highlighted

The comparison between Bitcoin and altcoins have for a long time presented multiple debates in the cryptocurrency space. While Bitcoin being the most popular and most valued cryptocurrency by market cap has had one of the best running in adaptation and overall value, some people are still of the opinion that a few altcoins show themselves to be more valuable than Bitcoin.

Libra may very well be your first guess, given the reports that its popularity has sparked up conversations well enough to affect the price of Bitcoin even before its inception, Ethereum (ETH) happens to be the token behind this narrative.

With more than 900 comments to the post, the Reddit user who goes by the moniker “DCinvestor” had set the Reddit Cryptosphere ablaze when the user highlighted multiple reasons why “Ethereum is undervalued and presents a compelling investment opportunity for the mid-to-long term”.

The user started by pointing out that the current market structure is set out in a pattern that makes Bitcoin overly priced than ETH due to its liquidity and volume, which to the user, is advantageous to ETH, the token will gain against BTC once its futures and other financial perks expand to ETH.

Noting that Ethereum (ETH) is the only other crypto after Bitcoin to have been recognized as the SEC as non-security, the user hints that Ethereum is a major financial assest in the crypto space.


“This isn’t just a first place “gold” (BTC) and second place “silver” (ETH) comparison though. ETH is like a “silver” which will only continue to get better and more useful over time, while BTC is a digital gold which will remain relatively stagnant and will likely only have as much relevance as the commodity it now seeks to emulate. And Ethereum has one advantage Bitcoin will never have- diverse and trust-minimized / trust-less financial and non-financial use cases.”

With a conclusive paragraph that debunks Bitcoin’s ability to dominate the crypto-space and send all other coins falling down, the user thought to explain why ETH is underrated and what futuristic value it presents;

“Ethereum is a massive sleeper at #2 with much room to grow, and much world changing potential still to come. Very few other chains provide any meaningful economic value to the space, which is why I believe most financial value will accrue to ETH and BTC over time. That’s why I remain about 80% ETH and 20% BTC, and continue to be very optimistic about Ethereum and ETH’s future.”