Promoting Greener Ecosystem with $100k Donation to the #teamress Movement

69 Promoting Greener Ecosystem with $100k Donation to the #teamress Movement

Highly-reputed blockchain-based gambling platform, Bitcasino has pledged to donate over $100,000 to the #teamtrees movement, as part of plans to promote a greener environment.

Specifically, Bitcasino has pledged to make $100k available for the planting of a massive 101,010 trees (at $1 per tree), to make the #teamtrees mission of planting 20 million trees achievable.

In November, Bitcasino’s players also took part in the project by donating their unused Loyalty Club points to the worthy cause before the Bitcasino team matched the entire contributions, Bitcoin-for-Bitcoin.

The total donations stood at just above $100k, placing Bitcasino’s name among the people and organizations supporting the movement, including Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and others. It’s worth noting that Bitcasino is the only crypto firm that has supported #teamtrees so far. made their donation in grand style by boosting it to the tune of $101,010, an easily recognizable binary number to tech and crypto enthusiasts.


Tauri Tiitsaar, director of Bitcasino said:

“It’s astonishing to see just how generous our players are and we are happy to have been able to represent the crypto community in the #teamtrees movement. By making just a small addition to our loyalty club, we were able to have such a big impact on a global cause.”

The #teamtrees movement was started by MrBeast, an American YouTuber and the campaign has since blossomed, attracting donations from people across the globe, including Jeffree Star, Pewdiepie and Elon Musk.

The team has already planted 17 million trees so far, out of its 20 million target.

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