Bit Paradise – The Paradise Of Reality!

Bit Paradise – The Paradise Of Reality!


  • Introduction


Life can now be fun with Bit Paradise.

Bit Paradise or BPD is an innovative cryptographic exchange that is designed on game meta.

BPD has a 1+1 trading mining system or sharing profit. The system provides extra winning returns and another reward from your cryptographic exchange transaction fees. It also operates a buyback and stable payout system.


Incorporated into the system is a safety device with the ability to minimize the decline of the system’s value through its innovate and safe ecosystem. The system allows you to enjoy the huge benefits and reward while playing in a conventional casino.


  • The Direction


As a leading name in the global exchange market, BPD is putting all efforts into expanding its operations to different parts of the world to create room for cryptocurrency and casino game lovers to have access to the best cryptocurrency exchange that combines the power of digital currency with casino games. This is a smart move in the light of the proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world, leading to the saturation of the cryptocurrency exchange market.  

The journey started in Singapore in 2018 when BPD was founded in October of that year. However, the platform is gradually expanding into some other countries such as Argentina and some other Latin and South America countries that have adopted the use of digital currencies for bank remittances. China, Korea, and some other Southeast Asian countries have equally towed the path and are currently using the platform. More so, the company has the goal of extending its operations to eight countries before the year 2019 runs out.

This is in line with the company’s promise to become a leading name in the global exchange market by implementing some effective strategies that are based on the users’ needs. If users’ needs can be sufficiently met, this will have a positive impact on people’s response to the platform.


  • Trading Mining Rewards System


BPD also has a trading mining rewards system that returns whatever transaction fees are incurred during transactions back to the users. There is a1+1profit-sharing system that offers winning returns and transaction fees as rewards. This is an innovative system that offers the security of income growth.


  • 1 + 1 profit-sharing trading mining system


This profit-sharing system will offer you your winning returns from casino games and the exchange transactions fees rewards. This is operated by a buyback and payout system that can boast of stability.

  • You will also earn 50% of Buyback plus 30% of the exchange transaction fees rewards. This is in addition to the 20% of your winning returns.
  • 20% of BET holder rewards awaits you with 30% of your winning returns whenever you play dice game.20% of your winning returns and 30% of Buyback completes the reward.


  • BPD token’s unit plan


For the token, 2 billion units will be issued.

  • Trading mining: 1 billion units (50%)
  • Foundation team: 400 million units (20%)
  • Token sale: 200 million units (10%)
  • Marketing: 250 million units (12.5%)
  • Bounty: 0.2 billion units (1)
  • Referral: 0.3 billion units (1.5%)
  • Partner and adviser: 100 million units (5%)
  • Pre-sale price: $0.02. All unused and unsold tokens are to be disposed off in the future.
  • On a daily basis, an average of 93,000 units is mined.
  • 33% of the token will be released in the first year.


  • BET Coin


There is also the BET coin created by the company. If you make a deposit of BTC, you will be given 2.5% of BET from the point of deposit.

BET coin is the personal coin created by the exchange. The coin shares a similar intrinsic value with Bitcoin. It can only be acquired by making BTC deposit.

If you are familiar with Toto or the Comp Points of Kangwon Land, BET can be compared to the charging bonus when you make your initial deposit on these platforms.

One of the biggest benefits of the BET coin is that profit can be shared from a couple of games such as roulettes, craps, and slot.

The exchange incorporated volatility into the coin by ensuring that only a limited amount of the coin is in circulation.

This coin can boast of enough intrinsic and exchange values in Bit Paradise. Therefore, plans are underway to list the coin in the future. Then, the coin’s market will be opened.


  • Casino games


BPD doesn’t leave the gaming part of the business to chance. It has taken a drastic measure to introduce a gaming service where gamers can have access to the best games that will minimize the decline of the coin’s value as well as guarantee profitability. The casino meta ensures this.

When you participate in the games, whatever profit is made from the game will be returned to the player via their encouraging 1 + 1 profit-sharing system.

In addition to their famed dicing game, other games include soccer, Blackjack, Lotto, Horse Racing and what have you.

The future looks promising with the promised introduction of 7 poker and other games in the future.

You will enjoy several attributes of this game such as the speed and all-round excitement that you can enjoy from any part of the world.

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