Binance Is Coming To The United States, Here’s What Traders Should Expect

Binance Is Coming To The United States, Here's What Traders Should Expect

The CEO of the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently revealed plans of opening a branch in the United States. This will be the first Binance exchange in the United States.

Although there’s no exact date for when the exchange will launch, Binance has revealed that it will be in the “coming weeks”. While the number of states that will benefit from this service is yet to be revealed, Binance says it is still in the works and that it intends to cover a good amount of States.

The CEO of Binance US Catherine Coley, also took to Twitter to update users on the key features that will precede its launch.

“As we approach the launch of Binance US, we want to outline a few key items to help you prepare for trading on our marketplace.” – Catherine Coley.

With respect to these key features, Binance shared a blog post on its official medium account, explaining that its Know Your Customer (KYC) process will take place before live trading will commence, in order to enable account verification before deposits and transactions are made.


Registration requirements for trading on the Binance.US exchange includes a KYC, a valid government identification, a social security number, and a driver’s license or passport.

Users should note that a mobile app version will not be available immediately. In the words of Binance;

“We will provide desktop/mobile web access for the initial launch and will have an app version in the future.

Please know we are just getting started and will always be building for you. For any questions in the meantime, you can reach out to us on Twitter at @BinanceAmerica.”

This milestone is one amongst many for the exchange especially as it just recently launched its own stable coin called Binance USD (BUSD) two days ago. Not only is Binance stretching its reach across to Africa and Europe, but the exchange is also certainly on the road to aiding cryptocurrency trading all over the world.