Big Eyes Coin’s Record Presale Comes To An End as Solana & Aptos Show Their Potential

Big Eyes Coin’s Record Presale Comes To An End as Solana & Aptos Show Their Potential

In recent months, the crypto market has witnessed many exciting developments. Among them, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has emerged as a dominant force in the meme coin space, captivating many with its impressive presale. Solana (SOL) and Aptos (APT) have also garnered attention as promising investment opportunities this season, showcasing their unique features and developments.

These innovative tokens show the limitless potential of the crypto market and are poised to dominate this alt season.

Big Eyes Coin Closes Presale With a 300% Bonus

Big Eyes Coin has emerged as a strong contender in the meme coin ecosystem, showing the potential for meme coins to possess real-world value. Big Eyes Coin has already gained considerable attention, and its upcoming launch is highly anticipated, with the presale ending in less than a month.

Operating on the Ethereum network, Big Eyes Coin serves two significant purposes: transferring wealth into the DeFi system and offering top performance and efficiency. Big Eyes Coin has engaged with its users throughout the presale through social media competitions and giveaways, driving enthusiasm and participation.


The community-controlled DeFi ecosystem will further foster a sense of belonging among community members. Thanks to these unique features, the project has raised an impressive $35 million, and with its presale coming to an end on June 3rd, the project is offering a 300% bonus code, using END300 at checkout.

Solana Bounces Back 

After enduring a turbulent 2022, Solana is making an impressive and unexpected comeback in 2023. Rebounding from the decline following the collapse of both FTX and Alameda Research, which cut SOL’s value in half, transactions on Solana have seen a resurgence. The blockchain’s new association with NFTs has brought a fresh buzz, overshadowing previous concerns. 

With its unique architecture and ability to process 1,000 transactions per second while maintaining low costs, Solana has positioned itself as one of the most impressive ecosystems in the crypto sector. Its recent release of an AI ChatGPT plugin is designed to further simplify interactions which could increase its gains. 

Aptos: Combining Stability and Speed 

Aptos has gained significant traction in the crypto community by offering a unique algorithm that helps maintain stability and prevent sudden drops in value. This attribute sets it apart from other coins, increasing investors’ confidence. With a low market cap, Aptos demonstrates immense growth potential.

Crafted by a team of seasoned developers in 2017, Aptos focuses on scalability and security features. With its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the cryptocurrency facilitates faster transaction times, processing up to 1,000 transactions per second. This also drastically reduces Aptos’ energy consumption while offering a cost-effective solution for decentralised applications (dApps). Its ability to combine stability, scalability, and speed positions Aptos as a noteworthy contender in the crypto market.

Each of these projects possesses unique qualities that appeal to different segments of the crypto community. Big Eyes Coin is a top pick for meme coin lovers as it’s bringing real-world utility to the meme coin landscape.

Having already captured interest in presale, Big Eyes Coin is poised for greatness when the presale ends on June 3rd. Big Eyes Coin’s 300% bonus code, END300, will be available until the presale ends for those looking to make the most of their crypto assets.

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