Big Eyes Coin, Tamadoge: Big Prospects for Today’s Cryptocurrency Market

The Tamadoge Presale Has Finished - Is Big Eyes Coin The More Viable Contender For Your Portfolio Now?

While the crypto collapse keeps the market in a bearish state, several coins offer great prospects for traders and crypto asset holders. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is approaching launch as presale events progress. The token promises to be a stable with its protocols. However, before getting to Big Eyes Coin, let’s review some promising token choices.

Cardano (ADA) – The Profitable Platform

The Cardano network represents a third-generation blockchain system that promises to outpace the previous two–Bitcoin and Ethereum–generations in terms of expended network energy and scalability.

Cardano hit the markets in 2017 as a more effective blockchain alternative to Ethereum. The platform is built on a composite blockchain system, which is regulated by Ouroboros, a proof of stake consensus protocol that validates transactions on the network. The hybrid blockchain has two layers, a settlement layer, where user accounts are settled, and a computing layer, where the consensus protocol executes transactions. This blockchain arrangement and the Ouroboros protocol ensure the platform spends less energy executing transactions on the network, thus reducing network charges on such transactions.

The network awaits a smart contract integration scheduled for October 2022, making scaling easier. Cardano currently sells for $0.43.

Tamadoge’s (TAMA) Key Benefits 

Tamadoge is a meme coin designed for the Tamaverse, another aspect of the Metaverse. The token doubles as a Metaverse-enabled coin and a gaming token for the gaming protocols in the virtual space. It is a promising investment with excellent prospects for the future.


However, if you missed out on Tamadoge, the Big Eyes Coin presale just started, and you can still join the growing community. The platform features a play-to-earn game feature, where the users earn Dogepoints and convert them to TAMA for exchange with other currencies. The presale started in mid-July 2022 and closed this week.

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

As stated earlier, Big Eyes Coin has huge prospects due to its several valuable protocols.

The developers are keen on bringing NFTs into the project, starting from the second stage of the presales. They plan to release only a few snippets, but by stage 3, there will be a massive release of NFTs and a club launch exclusive for the Big Eyes Coin community. NFTs create chances for more opportunities like personalized Metaverse spaces, and an active community like Big Eyes Coin’ should have one in no time.

Buy Big Eyes Coin

The community matters most, and the developers always keep the members’ interests foremost in their decisions. The presale tokens were about 70% of the total in supply, ensuring that most of the project goes into the community. The ongoing giveaway also gives ten users a chance to get 250,000 between them by December 2022. The tokens’ team also plans to lock the liquidity pool, restricting external mining.

The developers have set up a wallet containing 5% of the initial token supply for donations to charities involved in conserving marine ecosystems. The grants are scheduled at several stages in the project’s roadmap. Big Eyes Coin also plans to aid ocean life conservation globally.

The Big Eyes Coin development team is also looking to launch the token on popular exchange platforms. Already, the token is available on UNISWAP, and the developers are working on other platforms to list the token. This will improve the token’s value significantly while ensuring its stability.

There is also added value for members new to the cryptocurrency market, as several tutorial sessions teach them how to make the most of DeFi tools available on the network.

These features will undoubtedly make Big Eyes Coin one of the biggest crypto projects in a short while. Now, joining the community is up to you, especially if you missed out on Tamadoge.

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