Big Bang Games Hosting 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit

Big Bang Games Hosting 2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit

The Summit is an Exclusive VIP summit to be held on 1st June 2019, in Singapore.

Blockchain technology has become a subversive core technology as important as the steam engine, electricity, and the Internet because of its non-tamperable, traceable and transparent nature. It will change the way in which the values of human society are transmitted and will lead a new round of technological and industrial revolutions in human history. It will undoubtedly be increasing global productivity by reshaping business systems and social relations, opening the door to a new era of Internet investment.

Whether it’s instant messaging, social networking, media, banking, e-commerce, public services, finance, cyber security, education, the Internet of Things, supply chain management, copyright, cloud storage, energy/resource management, file management, etc.,   blockchain technology will be at the heart of their development. A new era of “blockchain” applications is coming.

On June 1st, 2019, the “2019 Asia Pacific Blockchain Summit” and BigBang Games Genesis Conference will be held at the Singapore Turf Club. These events will be hosted by BigBang Games and co-hosted by CoinVoice.

The organizer, BigBang Games, referred to as BBGC, is operated and managed by the BBGC Foundation. With their headquarters in Singapore, the BBGC Foundation partnered with the Singapore Horse Racing Club & Equestrian Community – HORSEY/FULIFE Stable. BBGC aims to break through the barriers between games, optimization of the game asset trading process and new game development. This will lead to improved gamer experience and provide a better environment for game publishers.


With the theme of “blockchain application”, this summit will discuss the practical application of blockchain technology in various fields.. Discussion topics will cover the application of blockchain technology in various fields such as games, finance, and energy/resource, as well as future development trends and investment opportunities.

The summit intends to invite top experts, scholars and government leaders: Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Financial Technology Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore; CEO of FULIFE Founding Chairman, Dato’Prof. Dr. David Cheang, Datuk, Malaysia; USA Vevue CSO/COO, Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Graham Leach;  LA token Co-founder Valentin, Ye Haoming, Business Culture Leader of Johor, Malaysia; Prashant Surana, Co-founder of Snapper, India Block Chain; Satish Mostra, Executive Director of Abloom Next Service, India; Malcolm Tan, Founder of Block Vitalis, Singapore; Tong Global Capital founder Moon Woo Sung; South Korea CLET.IO CEO Connor Tack; US PAXFUL Asia Sales Director Summi Kwan; Vietnam BlockAce co-founder Anh Le; node capital founder Du Jun; Chuangshi Capital co-founder Sun Zeyu; The founder of the Bean Capital, Zhang Yiyun, etc. will attend the summit.

The conference also received strong support from the Singapore Turf Club. The conference specially arranged for the  VIP guests to enjoy the great atmosphere of international horse racing. In addition, this conference will also hold the BigBang Games global launch ceremony guaranteed to be a spectacular event. This summit has also received strong support from many industry partners such as HKBA, RAPIDZ, RUBY, ISAC, MAXX, and Blockvoice.. This spectacular event is sure to draw attention from all over the globe.

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