Bet B2B: effective SaaS solutions

Bet B2B: effective SaaS solutions

In recent years, gaming and betting have become an important component of the global economy. They do not stand still and are expanding at an incredible pace. The industry develops along with technology, quickly adapting to changes and new trends.

Most modern casinos are located on the Internet. In 2022, the volume of the global gambling entertainment market on the Internet reached $79.8 billion. IMARC Group predicts that by 2028 it will reach $133.9 billion.

This is feasible if, during 2023-2028, the CAGR growth rate is 8.5%. Further development of online casinos and betting platforms is possible due to the widespread use of mobile phones, cultural approval of online gambling and their legalization.

“Despite the high cost of initial investments, ready-made IT products in the field of gambling will be in demand for many years. This can be simply explained – a competent investor is ready to invest in promising products. He knows that it will bring good profits with the right prioritization. ” this is how Bet B2B experts commented on the situation in the market of ready-made IT solutions.

Considering the high competition between online casinos, the determining factor is the compliance of the site or individual solutions with the demands and trends of the market, as well as the quality of services. Turnkey solutions (ready-made solution) make it possible to reduce the risks when launching a resource, reduce the cost of maintenance, updating and improvement, and project support.


By developing ready-made solutions, programmers of specialized companies go far beyond the providers of games for end users. Flagship operators of gambling sites are engaged in the following areas:

  • CRM, CMS.
  • Development of turnkey platforms.
  • Creation of software solutions for a specific resource.
  • Flexible project administration systems.
  • Providing secure platforms for receiving and sending funds.
  • Organization of access to reliable cloud storage. A striking example is the Turnkey Solution from the bet b2b betting platform.

In any case, the provider of B2B services for online casinos and betting platforms is an innovative IT company with extensive experience and a serious case. The most advanced and relevant solutions today are provided in the form of SaaS, ready-made platforms for starting a business.

Saas for betting – BetB2B

Online betting is on the rise because more and more people around the world are actively using their devices for various purposes, including entertainment. This goes to show that there is an incredibly wide field of activity for online betting businesses. Applications, as well as browser-based betting and online gaming resources, are becoming more and more popular.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the ideal model for building a profitable online business. It makes it possible to and very quickly get all the tools to start the platform. For example, in the field of betting and gambling.

Cloud storage frees companies from spending money on server maintenance and software maintenance. They guarantee easy access to content at minimal cost.

In the near future, online gaming entertainment will continue to develop. According to market research company H2 Gambling Capital, the next 5 years will be revolutionary, with global online gambling revenues exceeding $117 billion.

For example, in 2022, the size of the online gambling market was $81.08 billion.

In order to keep up with competitors, you need to approach the preparation of the product carefully:

  • Analyze the market or contact specialists for this.
  • Decide on GEO activity.
  • Prepare and develop a business plan.
  • Attract investment capital.
  • Create a corporate structure.
  • Obtain a license to operate.
  • Hire professional staff.
  • Prepare the site.
  • Set up marketing.

The bet b2b betting platform notes that each client of the company who requests access to certain solutions must, first of all, work through and think through everything before creating a business.

Operators often apply with a ready-made platform that needs to be optimized, and integrated with certain IT products. effective business solutions

To build an effective betting or gambling company on the Internet, you need to approach the matter in the right way. For example, connect a ready-made platform with a wide range of settings. The main advantages of ready-made solutions are that the company provides access to a large number of tools and solutions:

  1. A wide range of payment acceptance options (250).
  2. Casino.
  3. Bingo.
  4. Events in eSports.
  5. More than 182 sports to bet on.
  6. Access to games from 100+ developers.
  7. Base of own games.

Bet B2B is a responsible IT company that provides a modern technical infrastructure and support at each stage of creating or improving a betting platform.

To streamline activities and simplify everything for the client as much as possible, 3 main ready-made solutions are offered:

  1. Turnkey Solution 
  2. Sportsbook iFrame
  3. Retail Solution 

Turnkey Solution

The ready-made platform will be an ideal option for betting/gambling sites, the operator of which has a payment and legal infrastructure, and, most importantly, a business license.

The complex of solutions guarantees the client access to:

1. Sportsbook.

2. Unique bet-b2b games.

3. CRM.

4. CMS.

5. Back office.

6. Technical support (2nd-line support).

7. Toto.

8. Virtual sports.

9. Slots.

10. Live casino.

Sportsbook iFrame Bet B2B

This excellent option is designed for international site operators. It offers modern software, a multi-currency multilingual interface, customizable design according to the client’s requirements. Sportsbook iFrame allows you to integrate selected elements into an existing resource, improving its functionality.

Retail Solution BetB2B

A useful solution for classic bookmakers, combining the capabilities of a land-based betting shop and an online platform. Can be used to manage points in a network from a distance efficiently.

Features of bet b2b betting platform IT solutions

The company has a lot of competitive advantages, but the main ones are:

  • A large number of developments that guarantee quality.
  • Impressive experience in the market – more than 12 years.
  • The largest coverage of markets, events, sports events, games, slots.
  • A wide range of ready-made solutions and tools
  • The presence of a large number of clients who are the flagships of the industry.

Bet B2B provides a lot of services that allow you to improve an existing one, or start a gambling or betting site from scratch. These services are:

  1. CRM is a system that allows you to analyze customers’ activity, giving them current promotions and bonus offers. It determines the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.
  2. Back office is a solution for tracking cash flows as part of gamblers’ activity.
  3. Agent scheme. Allows multi-level customization in multiple languages.
  4. affiliate program is a full-fledged tool for creating an affiliate network and flexible commission settings.
  5. CMS by – content management allows you to customize the platform for yourself. This tool allows you to manage and determine the location of content (banners, rules, promotions) and create a promotional landing.

Each listed tool is very effective in the right hands, but none is provided separately from the Turnkey Solution (platform).