BeatzCoin IEO on ProBit Exchange to Power VibraVid Music & Video Platform

BeatzCoin IEO on ProBit Exchange to Power VibraVid Music & Video Platform

For more than a decade, musicians and video content creators have had an increasingly difficult time earning a living from their work. Streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube take increasingly hefty fees and the lion’s share of the ad-revenues while leaving breadcrumbs to the actual artists and creators. VibraVid, a new multimedia platform launching its MVP at the end of September, is here to change that status quo and give power and revenue back to the creators of the songs we listen to and the videos we watch.

VibraVid is a media sharing platform built on the TRON blockchain that utilizes BitTorrent File System (BTFS) for its decentralized storage solution. VibraVid aims to become a decentralized answer to industry video giants like YouTube and music apps like SoundCloud.

The platform transforms how consumers interact with digital content through the use of cryptocurrency. BeatzCoin (BTZC) is the  cryptocurrency used to transact, sell, buy and rent songs, videos and products on the VibraVid platform. All the tokens earned as well as the transactions conducted are stored safely on the user’s personal VibraVid wallet.

BeatzCoin IEO on ProBit Exchange to Power VibraVid Music & Video Platform
Each VibraVid user has a personal wallet where all their BTZC and TRX are safely stored, and the user can see a ledger of all transactions of their wallet.

The initial exchange offering (IEO) of the BeatzCoin (BTZC) token will be hosted on the regulated ProBit Exchange and will commence on September 30. ProBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea, known for its easy and fast on-boarding process for international and US-based users via ProBit boasts a quick and easy KYC process, as well as advanced security, supporting both hardware security keys and 2FA. ProBit also has one of the simplest user interfaces available among global exchanges, and the platform has gained a reputation for listing numerous successful IEO projects.

VibraVid’s new economic peer-2-peer model significantly increases the revenue for artists and content creators by awarding them with 95% of the revenues from their sales, while rewarding viewers for listening and watching content through bounties. VibraVid’s ultimate goal is to upend the media sharing industry by enabling self marketing and user engagement. BeatzCoin has recently partnered with Changelly to allow easy on/off ramp for users holding all major cryptocurrencies as well as Ellipal Hardware wallet to increase user security on VibraVid.

BeatzCoin IEO on ProBit Exchange to Power VibraVid Music & Video Platform
VibraVid’s music and video sharing platform utilizing BeatzCoin (BTZC) is set to launch its MVP

BeatzCoin is currently the second-highest ranked Super Representative (SR) on the TRON blockchain, with more than 496 million TRX in community votes, representing 6% of all voters in the SR-elections. The VibraVid platform powered by BTZC will deliver content directly from creators to users, thereby eliminating the presence of intermediaries in the form of record companies and middlemen. A simple concept that has the potential to upend the music industry.

Music lover, cryptocurrency proponent, and US presidential candidate, John McAfee is an official advisor for BeatzCoin. McAfee has expressed his enthusiasm for BeatzCoin and the VibraVid platform based on its potential to protect musicians’ right to full revenue while removing the middlemen who have essentially ruined the lives of countless musicians and struggling artists.

BeatzCoin IEO on ProBit Exchange to Power VibraVid Music & Video Platform

Stay tuned for more details on the price of BeatzCoin’s IEO on ProBit, rounds and exact times for each round. The first round commences on September 30. In order to participate in BeatzCoin’s IEO, users should create an account on and begin the KYC process. Although KYC is not required to participate, users can get a head start and commence the simple KYC process, which is required to withdraw any BTZC tokens that were purchased during the IEO.

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