B2BinPay Facilitates Low-Cost Global Online Cryptocurrency Payments for Merchants and Enterprises

B2BinPay Facilitates Low-Cost Global Online Cryptocurrency Payments for Merchants and Enterprises

An increasing number of businesses are now accepting cryptocurrency payments and crypto payment gateway solutions are more in demand than ever before. This has recently become more evident with some of the big-name global online retailers now committing to accepting cryptos, re-affirming their growing importance in the commercial world.

Having solidly established itself as an alternative payment method, there’s little doubt that this new generation of payments is here to stay. As a borderless, transparent and secure way of conducting transactions, businesses can enjoy many benefits by accepting cryptocurrencies, not to mention the fact that they can offer their clients an additional payment method.

B2BinPay is one of the best-known cryptocurrency payment gateways facilitating blockchain payments and emerged as one of the major providers back in the early days when the need for crypto transactions first arose.

Enabling Global Online Cryptocurrency Payments

B2BinPay Facilitates Low-Cost Global Online Cryptocurrency Payments for Merchants and Enterprises

B2BinPay is an all-in-one global cryptocurrency payment solution which enables businesses to send, receive, store, exchange and accept cryptocurrency payments online, safely, securely and cost-effectively across the world, wherever they are located. The solution has a wide user-base including forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants who use it to process cryptocurrency payments.

By offering the facility to make online crypto payments, not only can businesses offer their existing clients an additional payment method, but they can also attract new clients, ultimately boosting company revenue. Crypto payments also provide a secure payment mode accompanied by lower charges than other payment methods like credit cards which is a further bonus for clients.

The service enables two payment methods – crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat. In the case of crypto/crypto, if the client pays in cryptocurrency, you receive cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet. With crypto/fiat, if the client pays in cryptocurrency, you receive fiat currency (USD, EUR) to your balance.

✔Enables Global Cryptocurrency Transactions

✔Account Types for Merchants & Enterprises

✔Lowest Industry Fees

✔Ability to Convert Cryptocurrencies

✔Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat Withdrawals

✔Over 888 Coins, Tokens and Stable Coins Available

Reasons to Choose B2BinPay

Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos is not only straightforward, but users can also benefit from a whole range of features including low fees and different account types.

All-Important Low Fees

B2BinPay Facilitates Low-Cost Global Online Cryptocurrency Payments for Merchants and Enterprises

Credit and debit card fees can be a huge cost for businesses, especially when there are multiple transactions involved daily. With cryptocurrency being decentralized, transaction fees are minimal and by accepting crypto payments, merchants are able to decrease their transaction fees to a fraction of those offered with regular online payment gateways.

Solutions for Both Merchants and Enterprises


Accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is easy and B2BinPay allows any business to securely and effectively send, receive, store and exchange and accept crypto payments online. Features include no recurring fees or hidden charges, low processing fees, downloadable reports, real-time balance and transaction history, and secure checkout.

Enterprise Clients

Enterprise clients benefit from a highly secure, reliable and scalable wallet from one of the industry’s most reputable cryptocurrency payment providers. Features include automatic withdrawals for your client, secure API and sandbox environment for your development team, 888+ coins, and tokens supported, advanced real-time reports and 24/7 technical support in 6 languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Greek.

B2BinPay provides businesses with access to the cryptocurrency markets quickly and easily by facilitating crypto payments to everyone across the globe, wherever they are located!

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