AVOTEO Runs IDO on P2PB2B Exchange

AVOTEO Runs IDO on P2PB2B Exchange

The IDO session for AVOTEO will start on March 14th on the P2PB2B exchange.  

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) allows crypto projects to sell their tokens to the public. Early investors can buy a large bag of tokens at a discount, and sell them at a higher price once the IDO launches. 

AVOTEO: What is it?

Did you ever have a great idea, but it never gained traction because narrow-minded banks or investors were not convinced of its potential? With AVOTEO, entrepreneurs, artists, and charities can now gain access to a secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform that completely disrupts the way of raising money. 

Using the platform, you can reach thousands of investors. In contrast to other crowdfunding platforms they will not give you their money, they will give you their voices. You can present your idea and compete for votes from the community with other projects. You’ll get funded from the project’s funding pool if you reach the top.

What makes it special?

You can enjoy AVOTEO for free, and it brings you financial benefits while costing you nothing:

  • Participants benefit from funding competitions. AVOTEO holders can present their ideas through articles, videos, posters, or any other way they choose. To qualify, you must hold a specified number of Avoteo tokens. Booking special promotion packages, however, will allow your project to gain more exposure. However, that doesn’t mean that the paid ideas will win. On the Avoteo platform, each project will have its own space where the creators can share their ideas and interact with the community. Whatever type of business you want to promote, whether it’s real estate, entertainment, technology, cryptography, or art, as long as it is legal, you are free to present whichever idea you please;
  • The voting community benefits. It’ll be the responsibility of all AVO token holders to review all the content and vote for the best projects. In voting, all community members have a responsibility to ensure that the winning projects are of the highest quality; the number of votes will be limited. As the quality increases, so does the success rate, and as the success rate increases, so does the benefit to the entire community. When a winning project becomes profitable, the community will share in the profits.

You can gain several benefits from owning AVO tokens:

  1. Upvote your favourite projects;
  2. Participate in the company’s governance voting;
  3. Offer your specific skills to contribute to, or participate in new projects;
  4. Keeping your tokens in your wallet and gain more through reflections;
  5. You can trade AVO on several DEX and CEX once it’s listed.

Sounds interesting? Join the IDO session for Avoteo! Just connect your wallet and apply to whitelist through the “Whitelist” button at the top of the project page.

Also, don’t forget to follow Avoteo on social media:
❓ Website: avoteo.io/ 

❓ Twitter: twitter.com/Avoteo_com 

❓ Telegram Group: t.me/avoteoglobal 

❓ Medium: https://medium.com/@avoteo.io