Automated Chart Pattern Recognition Engine altFINS Launches Mobile App

Automated Chart Pattern Recognition Engine altFINS Launches Mobile App

altFINS analytics platform has launched a mobile application to enable investors to use its services on mobile devices. The step was taken in response to the user feedback from its community of users.

”Since our launch of the web-based platform a year ago, we have ramped up our user base to tens of thousands monthly users.  Their number one request has been a mobile app that gives them quick access to trading ideas,“ CEO and Founder of altFINS, Richard Fetyko commented.

There are myriads of information sources out there about the trading of crypto assets. However, it can be challenging for traders and investors to sift through the information to get useful ideas on which assets to trade or invest in.

altFINS’ mission is to help everyday crypto investors become successful by providing them with clear, useful information on which coins are in an uptrend, have strong momentum, or are breaking out, as well as real-time news and upcoming major coin-specific events.

The first version of the app has automated chart pattern recognition that identifies coins trading in a wedge, triangle, inverse head and shoulders, channel, and 20 other trading patterns, technical analysis of top 50 altcoins, and real-time Twitter news feed and events for over 5 thousand crypto projects.


The progression of subsequent version releases are as follows:

  • Interactive charts (Q2-2022)
  • Alerts (Q2-2022)
  • Best-of-class crypto market screener (Q3-2022) and
  • Trading (Q4-2022)

Even before the launch of the app, altFINS has enabled investors and active traders to screen, analyze and trade digital assets across exchanges.

The cloud-based platform collects data from exchanges and calculates over 120 technical indicators (analytics) such as SMA, EMA, MACD, and RSI, across 5-time intervals to help users make the best trading and investing decisions.