Astar Network Integrates Blockdaemon For Node Management And Staking, As A Collator

Astar Network Integrates Blockdaemon For Node Management And Staking, As A Collator

Astar Network, an innovation hub on Polkadot, is elated to announce that it has integrated Blockdaemon as a collar for staking and node management.

As per the announcement, the integration will help Blockdaemon’s users start their nodes with Astar Network. This partnership will reportedly help many developers, projects, and businesses to build and maintain their own Astar node to access their services. 

Notably, Astar supports users who maintain their collar nodes. While this has proven helpful for most, Astar is still technically out of reach for institutions and individuals joining its network. Through the partnership, Blockdaemon brings a suite of tools and products that comprise a total node stake in blockchain technology. Astar users will have access to Websocket and RPC endpoints. 

Commenting on the integration, Cecilia Feng, Strategic Protocol Research Lead at Blockdaemon, stated;

“We are excited to integrate with Astar to improve accessibility for developers and institutions. Astar is connecting the Polkadot ecosystem to all major Layer 1 blockchains by building interoperability for a multi-chain future. Combining Blockdaemon’s institutional-grade infrastructure with Astar’s rich tech stack, we look forward to supporting the health of the network and providing a critical on-ramp for Astar dApp developers.”


In addition, the partnership will significantly lower the barrier of entry for many eligible projects building on Astar. Blockdaemon’s full node support will provide a critical on-ramp for Astar dApp developers and institutions. As a result, users will no longer rely on public infrastructure but will be able to outsource Astar node requirements to Blockdaemon.

Launched in 2017, Blockdaemon is the world’s most extensive independent blockchain infrastructure connecting developers and institutions to leading networks. Blockdaemon runs over 50k nodes on behalf of its 200-plus customers, including custodians, liquidity providers, exchanges, neobanks, and numerous blockchain networks. 

Sota Watanabe, founder and CEO of Astar Network.

“We are very excited to have a partnership with Blockdeamon. This partnership allows us to make a more reliable and robust network and explore new use cases like DOT liquid staking. Together with Blockdeamon and infra partners, we will do our best to provide developers with the best experience.”

Notably, more users will now be able to strengthen the AAstar network while playing a crucial role in block production, production of state transaction proofs for Reay Chain validators, and conducting transactions. Blockdaemon plans to work with the Astar team in hackathons and networking events in the coming days.