As Bitcoin Plummets Further, Could This Trigger An XRP Price Explosion?

XRP Price Prediction: Why Most Crypto Analysts Are Optimistic About XRP In 2019

Ripple’s XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading at $0.31. However, a number of analysts are extremely bullish about the asset and thus, believe it can do even better in the near future. One of such, Sir Gordon Gekko, CEO of Sir Gekko Capital Holdings who in a tweet on July 9, 2019, said an XRP explosion is definitely not weeks away but in a matter of days.

XRP to Spike Soon

According to the tweet, Sir Gordon Gekko expressed his opinion that an explosion in the XRP market will happen very soon. Moreover, it will be sooner than we expect, which is within a few days instead of weeks. When the sudden surge in XRP’s price occurs, it will definitely blow the mind of the crypto community, he said.

Comments which were made on the CEO’s tweet showed mixed reactions where a good number of people agreed that XRP can definitely make a comeback. Others were quick to write off the enthusiast’s prognostication and according to them, it is one among several out there that may never receive that attention.

How High Can XRP Surge?

A user, on the other hand, asked how high can XRP surge in the analyst’s opinion, and the response from Gekko was: “you’ll see.” Thus, this leaves a lot to the imagination as to where XRP will reach based on the CEO’s prediction. His current forecast may have been the same as many others out there, but it differs because a potential value which the virtual asset will trade at in the coming days was not set.

However, a quick look at previous tweets made by Gekko gives an insight into how bullish he is about the asset. On June 2, 2019, he said XRP can surge to $0.50 and beyond. He also opined that the crypto asset will move from $1.05 to $1.26. Similarly, he remarked on May 31, 2019, that XRP will moon after breaking past $0.78.


These values are insignificant compared to the $7 price target Gekko had set for XRP, At the time, he said:

“For you all that didn’t witness 2017 we hit the daily golden cross at .20 quickly over 3 weeks hit 3.50 golden cross 2019 at approx .40 a redo could mean a 7 dollar $xrp in 3 weeks with utility 10 bucks +++”

Ripple’s XRP, on the other hand, has been very volatile of recent. It may have begun the month of July at a price of $0.41 and market capitalization of $17 billion but it is currently valued at $0.31 with a market cap of $13 billion.

XRP is currently being closely watched by analysts and individuals in the crypto community. With present and expected partnerships knocking on the door for Ripple, we can only expect the best for XRP amidst the dwindling prices of Bitcoin and altcoins in the market.