Artozo NFT Marketplace Enters Strategic Partnership With InCluence

Artozo NFT Marketplace Enters Strategic Partnership With InCluence

E-commerce advisors InCluence join forces with a revolutionary NFT marketplace.

June 8, 2022 – Artozo NFT Marketplace has entered into a strategic partnership with the fintech firm InCluence, which specializes in the legalities of e-commerce. According to Artozo, the firm will be assisting with the development of payment processing protocols and compliance for its upcoming NFT marketplace venture.

InCluence focuses on addressing and solving the legal and ethical questions associated with e-commerce for its clients. Their approach is founded on the principle of “…quality work…we dive into the essence of the client’s problem and/or need and offer an option that will solve this problem and satisfy the need without imposing unnecessary and optional services.” Values that integrate solidly with Artozo’s own goals. 

Artozo aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by providing a platform where artists, collectors, and investors will not only buy and sell NFT art but also participate in a unique economic ecosystem. Unlike a standard NFT marketplace, Artozo brings the utility of a referral system that multiplies the value of every exchange in its network and creates passive income for the user. This dramatically expands the means of obtaining benefits through added staking options and a simplified NFT trading process.

Operating on the Artozo platform will allow users to:

  • Invite to earn through referrals
  • Create and collect NFTs
  • Trade assets
  • Stake assets

Referral rewards and the ability to stake NFT will allow the platform’s participants to achieve exponential growth and increase user income. InCluence brings a range of ethical and legal expertise to the table to assist in developing a solid foundation for the Artozo Platform. 

Registration is open on the Artozo platform with some limitations leading up to the MVP launch. At launch, you will be able to sign up using common FIAT currency, multiple crypto deposit options, and Web3 wallets. We invite everyone to take part in what is set to become the future of the NFT Web3 Market. Curious to learn more? Artozo co-founder Pavlo Harmansky will be at the upcoming NFT.NYC event June 20-23. 

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