Ariva Finance’s Decentralized Approach to Travel And Tourism

Ariva Finance’s Decentralized Approach to Travel And Tourism

Ariva’s presence is creating a huge turnaround in the global-local tourism and travel network. Ariva Finance offers online users, buyers, and sellers a better payment experience using the blockchain. Ariva is a popular cryptocurrency of the future that aims to provide a secure tourism currency that can be used worldwide with its crypto wallets. The main aim of this cryptocurrency is to eliminate the need of carrying cash and debit cards.

Ariva crypto is a BEP20 token issued on Binance Smart Chain Network. It was created by an anonymous developer and launched in May 2021. The currency was designed to be used in the global tourism industry as a blockchain-based payment system. It helps users complete booking faster and easily on websites or mobile apps at a lower cost.

Due to the rapid growth and success of this platform, its cryptocurrency is on a constant rise and its market capitalization has grown rapidly

What is Ariva Finnace?

Ariva finance is a secure, fast, and easiest way to set up a payment gateway on websites and apps within minutes at a lower price. It meets the global need for a faster and more transparent payment system with low transaction fees. Online transactions such as travel booking and shopping have increased as the use of the internet increases, and e-commerce become a major part of the global market segment. Online buyers and sellers incur so much cost paying traditional banking systems commissions and hidden fees. Ariva Finance is a new generation payment gateway that offers solutions using blockchain technology.

First Global Travel And Tourism Platform With Crypto Integration

The travel industry is one of the biggest in the world economy, supporting over 7.8 million US jobs and 32 percent of all US services export. It contributes to over 10 percent of Global Domestic Product, GD, and accounts for over 300 million jobs and a tenth of all jobs globally. Ariva aims to eliminate the bottleneck associated with cross-border payment transfers and complex transaction issues in the travel and tourism industry. One of its main aims is to remove the complexity and difficulty arising from the use of local currency in the destination country. 


It will offer a solution to this challenge by providing a decentralized travel and tourism platform with crypto integration. A portal where tourists can instantly book holidays online by converting fiat and other cryptos to ARV. 

The company plans to launch its biggest innovative and transforming technological software to facilitate online payments. This software will work like credit card and POS machines system in the facilities and vendors in the target destinations. This will change the future of the travel industry since it will be integrated with cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Using Ariva Finance

Better Experience And Earnings: Based on crypto integration, ARV holders can use their cryptocurrencies during a vacation in their final destinations. Users can book holidays with ARV, share travel reviews or contribute to earning ARV tokens.

Fast And Easy Global Payment: The platform uses secure cryptocurrency for fast and easy transactions. Buyers can make payments just by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen that confirms the amount. And the gateway owner can receive the payment instantly.

Easy Payment Set-Up: Ariva enables the easiest way to set up a crypto-based payment gateway on websites apps and other devices. This will allow users to make payments at any time anywhere globally. The platform supports payments for online booking, other travel plans, and online shopping instantly at a lower rate.

Free Crypto Wallets: Ariva’s payment system will be free and support major wallets and cryptocurrencies in the future. The supporting wallets and cryptocurrencies will be added to the project.

What Makes Ariva Cryptocurrency Trendy?

Due to the rapid growth and success of this platform, the price of its token, ARV, has been on the constant rise. Ariva aims to create a better experience for tourists and travelers by making online booking safe and easy. Several users want to know how Ariva is pioneering online travel payment with cryptocurrency, this increases its growth and awareness.

There are so many advantages of using ARV in travel and tourism compared to other cryptocurrencies.

  • It eliminates the need for multiple alternative payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and cash.
  • Eliminates complexity in payment transfers without much details from users
  • There are no high credit card commissions and no exchange cost in local currencies
  • No transaction limit during payments or while in destination countries.
  • Users can maintain privacy without sharing much personal information
  • Enables users to benefit from price increase gains and have more money for future travel

Besides providing an easy way to set up a payment gateway for travel and tourism, Ariva finance creates earning opportunities for users. This makes travel more affordable and enjoyable. It eliminates the need for expensive SWIFT operations that requires a lot of detailed user information. Users can follow Ariva finance on Github for updates.