Ariane Capital Notes Tremendous Growth In 2021 Despite Bearish Trends

Ariane Capital Notes Tremendous Growth In 2021 Despite The Bearish Trends

Ariane Capital, a renowned multi-family office and crypto investment fund, boasts of remarkable growth in its ecosystem despite the unfavorable bearish trends that affected the market in late 2021.

According to a recent press release, the company is an early-stage believer that gained expertise in crypto matters since 2014. Ariane Capital noted that the company has seen incredible growth so far in the just concluded year despite the bearish odds, hence making headway towards further developments in 2021.

The platform provides its users with powerful tools and vehicles to facilitate their finances. It mentioned that its ARBA FUND solution still yielded a profit despite the massive market loss in 2021.

The report reads;

“ARBA FUND, designed to look for arbitrage opportunities, noted a monthly performance of +0.12% in May 2021. Remarkable, as all markets lost over 50% in that month, yet the ARBA FUND solution still turned a profit. Moreover, the ARBA FUND performance for 2020 was +41.75%, with 2021’s result being closer to +15%. Continual growth and performance are essential.”


The team behind the platform puts efforts together to efficiently serve its clients while focusing on alpha generator qualities. The platform also features a new certificate-based vehicle focused on absolute performance. The product is dubbed “ARBA SPIN”, and made a record of +12.5% yield in just a month after launch despite bearish conditions affecting all markets.

Co-founder at Ariane capital, Benjamin GUEZ commented on the company’s progress saying;

“Many of our peers are entering the cryptocurrency world, which I believe is good for the industry as a whole. It should be noted, however, that this is a world of insiders that is difficult to access: if you don’t have a strong experienced team, mistakes can easily happen.”