AQX Announces Open Beta Launch Of Its New DeFi Platform

AQX Announces Open Beta Launch Of Its New DeFi Platform

The volatility in crypto markets has increased, with major cryptocurrencies experiencing double-digit percentage drops recently. This, like many other tumultuous events in the past, will pass.

On the 18th of May 2022, interested parties will be able to access the AQX cryptocurrency exchange platform. The AQX team recently announced its Open Beta Launch date and encouraged investors to keep an eye on the project for additional updates.

AQX’s team originally revealed its plan to enter the crypto market in April of this year, and the project has since attracted the attention of a number of respected partners, including Presto Labs and other well-known crypto investors.

AQX Exchange Beta is now live

The acronym AQX stands for “Access, Quality, and Xtraordinary,” according to the project’s creators. AQX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows both institutional and retail traders to buy, sell, and learn about cryptocurrency.

By providing world-class security, unrivaled engineering excellence, and industry-leading trading capabilities, the platform aspires to live up to its tagline “DeFi All Odds” and revolutionize the crypto exchange business. As a result, investors will be able to manage their digital asset portfolios using the platform’s extensive crypto offerings.


AQX’s Special Features

AQX aims to address some of the inefficiencies that we believe are preventing the DeFi sector from progressing. The platform’s assurance of strong liquidity and tight spreads for traders is one of its distinguishing features. Because of AQX’s cooperation with Presto Labs, a renowned liquidity source, this is achievable. Presto Labs is a quantitative trading startup that aims to build automated trading solutions based on data-driven analysis in order to achieve long-term investment returns that are sustainable.

Presto Labs creates algorithmic decision-making tools to accomplish what no human could ever do in today’s fast-paced, very complex financial business. With $1.100 billion in trading activity last year, the start-up has an average daily trading volume reaching $3 billion. AQX offers a solution to the liquidity concerns that new cryptocurrency exchange platforms frequently face, thanks to the support of Presto Labs.

AQX is also looking to form partnerships with layer 1 (BTC, ETH) and layer 2 (Lightning Network) networks in order to give its consumers early access to high-quality projects. The collaboration with these networks will improve AQX’s underlying protocols, making the platform more scalable and transaction processing faster. Furthermore, the created agreement will allow AQX users exclusive access to invest in potential projects at their earliest phases, maximizing profits.

Users can create an AQX profile and purchase, sell, and trade utilizing the AQX Exchange Beta Version’s multi-asset collateralized wallet. Furthermore, users who join the platform today will receive special benefits.

In addition, in honor of the Open Beta Launch, users can participate in reward campaigns on AQX social media platforms. For example, on various AQX social media platforms, individuals can get up to 6000 USDT worth of airdrops. So remain up to date by following AQX on social media.

How to Join the AQX Beta Program

Users must first log in to the AQX Exchange Beta site before trading futures. The registration procedure is finished by verifying your email address and creating a valid username and password.

Users must create margin for their bets before trading futures. The security that a financial instrument holder must deposit to establish a leveraged position is known as margin. USD: USDC>BUSD (stablecoin), USDT, BTC, UST, XRP, ETH, TRX, LUNA, ANC, and LINK are among the financial instruments offered on AQX. All of these financial instruments can be traded on margin and have a maximum leverage of 100x (conditional on each instrument.)

How to Make AQX Beta Deposits

Connect your wallet to AQX Beta, identify the deposit address, then scan the QR code for your preferred coin to make a deposit.

Users must complete KYC level 2 in order to deposit successfully on AQX. This entails acquiring a certain amount of blockchain network confirmations, as mentioned on the New Wallet Page. Users’ deposits are only credited to their accounts after that. Withdrawals are also prohibited for 24 hours following the first deposit to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and phone fraud and to protect customer assets. Visit the ‘Deposit’ page for further details.

You can begin trading futures on AQX Exchange Beta after making a deposit and setting up your margin. You can view information on the products you want to trade as well as your orders and assets, such as your wallet balance, margin balance, unrealized P/L, and so on, on the main trading page. You can also view the details of open and closed trades by switching to dark/day mode in the Settings tab.

View the AQX New Wallet Page for more information on making deposits on AQX Beta.