APEPE (Angry Pepe) Set to be Available for Trading on Hotbit Exchange

APEPE (Angry Pepe) Set to be Available for Trading on Hotbit Exchange

On April 28th, 2023, the cryptocurrency trading platform Hotbit Exchange, which is global in scope, will officially offer APEPE (Angry Pepe). All users of Hotbit Exchange will have access to the APEPE/USDT trading pair.

The mission of the Angry Pepe community is to realize its vision of becoming a thriving, dynamic, and inventive ecosystem that reflects the spirit of meme culture while simultaneously developing a sustainable and welcoming community that contributes value to the larger cryptocurrency space and beyond. On April 28th, 2023, at 8:00 AM Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), the native token APEPE will be listed on the Hotbit Exchange.


Building a strong and active community of meme enthusiasts, cryptocurrency investors, and supporters who share a common passion for memes and believe in the long-term potential of Angry Pepe as a meme-based cryptocurrency is the main goal of the Angry Pepe community. It also focuses on developing a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem that embraces the spirit of meme culture. The community wants $APEPE to stand for more than just trading; it wants it to represent freedom of speech, creativity, and communal empowerment.

Humour and originality are two of the Angry Pepe community’s guiding principles. Community members are encouraged to express themselves creatively through various mediums, including memes, artwork, videos, and other kinds of expression. The Angry Pepe community strives to provide a friendly and accepting atmosphere where members may freely express themselves, post memes, participate in discussions, and participate in community-driven activities by recognizing meme culture’s distinctive and dynamic character.

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Another important value of the Angry Pepe community is utility and adoption. The community is committed to exploring and implementing real-world use cases, partnerships, and collaborations that bring value to the community and expand the reach of the Angry Pepe brand beyond just the crypto and meme communities. By driving adoption and utility for the Angry Pepe token, the community hopes to increase its value and improve its utility.

Community engagement and governance are also critical elements of the Angry Pepe community’s vision. The community aims to foster a strong and engaged community through active participation, open communication, and transparent decision-making processes. A key goal is implementing community governance mechanisms that empower members to contribute to the direction and growth of the Angry Pepe ecosystem.

Inclusivity and diversity are other essential values of the Angry Pepe community. The community welcomes members from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities, and strives to create a safe and respectful environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Finally, the Angry Pepe community values long-term sustainability. The community plans to implement sound tokenomics, explore revenue-generating opportunities, and manage resources prudently to ensure the continued growth and success of the community and the Angry Pepe token. The community aims to create a thriving, dynamic, and innovative ecosystem that adds value to the broader crypto space and beyond by continually evolving and adapting to changing market conditions, user preferences, and technological advancements.

About APEPE Token

The Angry Pepe community has created an ERC-20 token called APEPE, with a total supply of 42,069,000,000. They aim to drive adoption and utility for the token by exploring real-world use cases, partnerships, and collaborations. The community envisions APEPE to be more than just a trading token but also a symbol of creativity, expression, and community empowerment.


Founded in 2018 and holding an Estonian MTR license, American MSB license, Australian AUSTRAC license, and Canadian MSB license, Hotbit cryptocurrency exchange is known as a leading trading platform that continues to develop and integrate various forms of businesses such as spot trading, financial derivatives, cryptocurrency investment and DAPP into one platform. Hotbit has already gained over 8 Million registered users from more than 210 countries and regions. Based on its globalized and unified strategies, Hotbit focused on the world’s emerging markets, such as Russia, Turkey, and Southeast Asia markets and was ranked one of the top 3 most welcomed exchanges by Russian media in 2019. Hotbit is constantly introducing and listing high-quality crypto projects so its users can directly trade, manage, track, and analyze cryptocurrencies, making the entire experience easier for ordinary people.

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Official Website: https://www.angrypepe.wtf/    

Twitter: https://twitter.com/angrypepeeth  

Telegram: https://t.me/AngryPepeETH