Anonymous Takes Notice of CULT DAO’s Revolt 2 Earn Concept

Anonymous Takes Notice of CULT DAO's Revolt 2 Earn Concept

CULT DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization is excited to announce the launch of its Revolt (RVLT) to earn concept which has attracted the attention of Anonymous.

This is not the first time Anonymous, a decentralized international activist, and hacktivist group is showing support for CULT DAO. Earlier this year on March 23 before a steep climb in CULT’s token price, Anonymous posted the Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator speech, which is a core feature and soundtrack of the CULT DAO’s website. And now, CULT DAO’s most recent concept is on Anonymous’ recent Twitter bio and like. 

The Revolt to Earn concept is notably, the first token on the CULT DAO ecosystem. This concept was built on the Polygon blockchain as a proof-of-stake (POS) token. The token, which will be issued in the upcoming months has a 0.45 taxation feature. 

Commenting on the Revolt 2 Earn concept Cult DAO’s founder Mr. O’Modulus explained:

“Society is designed to make it as difficult as possible to break away from economic, societal, and social norms. So what if supporting the $CULT ecosystem could be in itself a full-time or part-time job?”


Reportedly, RVLT is CULT’s first sibling. The RVLT token was created to help support the individual CULT DAO users working towards the same goal. On the other hand, the CULT token was created to fund the protocols accelerating decentralization. Mr. O’Modulus developed RVLT as a self-governing and autonomous ecosystem that would reward those who build and contribute on a large scale. By design, the concept would also reward those who sported the protocol at a smaller individual capacity. Note since the individual supporters are the many, they can use their RVLT for both staking and rewards. 

Notably, the many are under direct government by the CULTmanders. CULTmanders are RVLT stakers who have staked the token for a mid-long period. Through this system of governance, the protocol will randomly select 490 stakers and 10 consistent NFT owners from all the RVLT staker each month. These 500 members will then be tasked with the duties of approving or disapproving the user’s action submissions supporting the CULT revolution. These individuals will be tasked with different obligations including simple activities such as stickering, shilling, leafletting, or civil disobedience.

CULT DAO’s new system ensures both level and individual rewards. The system also allows users to revolt from the current centralized and talk about CULT and the CULT manifesto to others. 

Mr. O’Modulus adds;

“This protocol exists to allow The Many do not have to rely on wage labor fully, or in part and to fill the gap and pay users to further the cause of decentralization and the CULT ecosystem.”