AmazeWallet’s Mobile Mining Surges with 3,293% Growth on Testnet

AmazeWallet's Mobile Mining Surges with 3,293% Growth on Testnet

AmazeWallet, a mobile app that provides an easy-to-use ecosystem where application and blockchain work together in sync, has unveiled a massive surge in miners using their mobile phones to validate transactions on their proprietary Layer 1 blockchain, AmazeChain.

In an official press release today, it was announced that the count of users employing light nodes to decentralize and safeguard the network has surged to over 11,000 in the previous week, indicating a remarkable 3,293% increase in the number of testnet miners validating transactions. This surge in participation is especially noteworthy as the app has not been fully launched yet and is planned to launch in mid-June. Since its initiation on the testnet in November 2022, nearly 100,000 test users have downloaded the app.

AmazeWallet Set to Revolutionize Blockchain Technology with its Ecosystem

While AmazeWallet is a mobile app designed to act as the portal to AmazeChain, it has signed partnerships with major DEX aggregation platform OnRamp, two centralized token exchanges, and top international artists who will produce work exclusively for AmazeWallet’s native NFT marketplace. The company has also presented its technological breakthrough at the Global Blockchain Congress and ETH Dubai.

The ecosystem is nearly ready, and users worldwide can soon contribute to network security and decentralization in return for daily rewards in AMT tokens. The app features four key components: Mining, Wallet, NFTs, and Messaging, which work together to provide an easy-to-use, fully integrated ecosystem. AmazeWallet’s COO, Ed Ball, sees this technological advancement as the next era of worldwide networks in that everyone can participate.

Users can validate blocks and receive daily AMT rewards whenever they open the AmazeWallet app. Those who have staked AMT can begin mining the native chain for daily mining rewards when the app launches on mainnet this quarter. Amaze was founded in 2017 and comprises 75 engineers, designers, marketers, and executives. The native AMT token was launched in 2023, and AmazeWallet is set to receive its full launch later this year.


AmazeWallet places real ownership and control back in users’ hands, using Web3 technology that anyone can access. With the AmazeChain and AmazeWallet working together, users can curate their digital lives securely and safely. The team is already planning AmazePay, for which they have recently been granted a license in Canada in preparation for testing.