Altrucoin Combines Previous Projects To Introduce Its New DeFi Service Platform

Altrucoin Combines Previous Projects To Introduce Its New DeFi Service Platform

Altrucoin, an ecosystem of decentralized applications building a DeFi lending platform is elated to announce its new platform that combines BankerDoge and Altrucoin.

As per the announcement, Altrucoin has combined its two previous projects for this new chapter. Altrucoin’s new platform aims at increasing efficiency and incorporating all of its technology under one umbrella. The new platform seeks to provide custom staking, token referral, presales, and governance systems for other tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The merge retains the existing use case of adding utility to existing tokens through its DeFi platform. Note the protocol brings together an existing multi-dapp ecosystem, trustless DeFi lending, a modern utility token, charitable donations, and decentralized governance.

The Altrucoin explains:

“We aim to remove the middlemen (banks) from the lending equation and instead send profits directly to Altrucoin holders and charitable organizations. Many existing DeFi lending applications are limited in which cryptocurrencies they support. We are aiming to create an application allowing for DeFi lending to be added to any compatible token and eventually bridging to different blockchains.”


The Altruism Protocol consists of three main parts: a utility token (Altrucoin), a decentralized application platform, and a charity or governance voting web application. The protocol is guided by five core values: growth, decentralization, charitable giving, community, and security. 

Notably, the new platform also has custom staking vaults specially designed to reward long-term token holders while also offering support to those committed to the projects with their staked assets. Altrucoin members must pay a small entry and exit fee to boost the price and APY of the $ALTRU token. 

Altrucoin plans to launch its new token early in March 2022. The Altrucoin team plans to relist the token on exchanges the previous tokens were listed on with the new platform. These exchanges include Probit, Bitmart, and XT. Altrucoin, $ALTRU, is the native token on the protocol serving as a utility and governance token. The token establishes the use case of trustless DeFi lending with modern tokenomics reflection. $ALTRU transaction fees are used to fund charity donations, improve the protocol, and reward stakers. Note the transaction fees uses a reducing tiers system as the market increases.  

The new platform has a strong backing of experienced and advanced individuals who have already been a part of the previous projects. Altrucoin’s team is led by Nathaji Metivier, Paul Lambert, and Aya Yagi.