AltCoinLog – portal of digital economy and blockchain technologies

AltCoinLog - portal of digital economy and blockchain technologies

In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, there are not so many professional resources devoted to cryptocurrencies and the digital economy. One of them is AltCoinLog magazine, an information portal covering blockchain, cryptocurrency, and De-Fi technologies.

Team of professionals

The creators of AltCoinLog are a team of like-minded people who are committed to the development and implementation of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, their ubiquity throughout the world and in Russian-speaking countries. Employees of the portal keep track of current world news, industry events, and interview famous representatives of the community.

Trading training

Another highlight of AltCoinLog is teaching at the university to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Beginners are given detailed information on paid and free courses, the basics of trading, technical analysis, trading strategies and the psychology of trading on the exchange.



Using the site is convenient and easy. All new information goes to the main page and the corresponding section of the portal. There are several of them:

News. Coverage of the latest events and activities in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain. Articles about the positive and negative properties of various blockchains, reviews of global networks, features of work, the integration of blockchain into business projects and much more.

Bitcoin. The section is entirely devoted to the first cryptocurrency. The main events in the BTC network, features of use, profitability of investments, analysts’ forecasts are covered.

Ethereum. Detailed coverage of the latest developments in the coin ecosystem, new technologies, applications, new projects and much more.

ICO. Analysis of new projects, study of roadmaps, development prospects and the estimated cost of tokens.

Mining. The section is entirely devoted to the mining of cryptocurrencies using video cards or ASICs. Reviews of mining programs, video card settings, forecasts of the profitability of mined coins, cooling, and other questions related to mining.

Investments. One of the most interesting sections of the portal. Covers the opportunities and options for investing in digital assets: from classic cryptocurrencies to De-Fi tokens of projects.

Interview. Statements of famous people in the crypto community about the development of various projects, the future of cryptocurrencies and other issues.

For beginners. The section is entirely devoted to people who are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies. Detailed guides and descriptions of working with trading applications, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets. Reviews of individual coins, services, and decentralized applications. This section contains everything that will be useful to a beginner.