After ChatGPT Comes CharacterGPT: Polygon Set To Bring AI to Web3

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Polygon recently announced a partnership with Aleathea AI, the developers of the rapid AI-powered text-to-character platform, MycharacterAI, to bring the power of generative AI to web3. The partnership, which has been hailed by many as a progressive step ahead of the trending ChatGPT, will see Polygon become the foundational infrastructure for minting, trading, and collecting artificially intelligent digital twins generated on MycharacterAI.

CharacterGPT is a multimodal AI system—an AI system with a knowledge base comprising text, image, video, and audio—that generates distinctive characters with unique voices, appearances, identities and personalities from a simple text description. Characters generated can be tokenized and trained to build their personality for use across AI-compatible platforms.

Following the buzz around the latest Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, ChatGPT3, released by OpenAI in November 2022, a significant amount of excitement has continued to fill technology discussion rooms about the significant role of AI in the future of technology. Chat GPT is a natural language processor trained with millions of datasets to learn, reason, and interact humanly. With a single line of prompts, the multi-million dollar AI project has scaled through professional exams, written impressive lines of code, composed a song, and created an entire book, amongst many other things.

Now valued at over $10 billion with millions of registered users, ChatGPT’s text-only limitations will form the basis for the development of CharacterAI, which combines text, speech motion and character into its AI function.

Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, reacted to the partnership “Generative AI is advancing at a rapid rate and has the potential to profoundly impact our lives in the coming years”. He further added that “Alethea has developed this technology over the last few years and through their CharacterGPT AI engine, users will be able to create interactive characters in a matter of seconds. We are excited to continue supporting Alethea as it builds o Polygon and to bring the power and potential of generative AI to out thriving ecosystem.”


With the growing worry about property rights violations, the founders of CharacterGPT have embedded AI protocol as part of its development to ensure a system of verification for images created with necessary permission obtained. AI characters generated and minted with permission of the owners are assigned a verified checkmark.

Polygon has continued to blaze the trail in Ethereum Layer 1 support. Over 40% of institutional collaborations with Web3 have been facilitated in conjunction with the blockchain solution, thanks to its lower gas fees and faster transaction time.